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What our clients are saying...
Since I attended mostly the IT presentations at the user group meeting, this is my first demo on the new report writers. I do have to say that your implementation of the dynamic report writers is by far the best report writer I have seen anywhere in my 30 years in IT and Agencies! Congratulations and Thanks. It will be a very useful tool.
-Brian C. Soloski, WYSE
Cleveland, OH
At Strategic America, we know we can always count on the stability of Advantage’s products and the strength of their support team. We believe in Advantage Software and it is an integral part of our business operations.
-Kelly Regenold, Strategic America
Des Moines, IA
I have installed Advantage in three agencies over the past 13 years, of which all have been acquired by holding companies within 2-3 years after installation. In each acquisition, the auditors of those firms said, “the system allows us to audit so easily we would recommend it to other agencies in our network”. What more can one say about a fully integrated system?
-Steve Orenstein, 72andSunny Partners LLC
Los Angeles/Amsterdam
Migrating to a new agency-management software is always challenging; but the experts at Advantage provide world-class expertise and rapid-fire responsiveness to make the transition as painless as possible, minimizing downtime and assuring the promised objectives are quickly realized.
-Mark Newsome, Chernoff Newman
South Carolina & Orlando
What we're saying...

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