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We've been a client since 2004. Their software updates have proven their forward-thinking approach in keeping up with the current trends. The creation of Webvantage is a prime example of this thinking. Our people can now do everything they need to do on-the-go. All of Advantage’s people are very knowledgeable and helpful.
-Judy Allison, Wray Ward
Charlotte, NC
When I think of Advantage, I think knowledgeable, incorporates user experiences, focused on the future, and fun! We converted to Advantage almost 10 years ago and the system has easily grown with us. We're impressed with the knowledge of everyone in all positions. Their focus is targeted to the future, so their applications work well as technology changes.
-Cathy Metzier, GA Com. Group
Chicago/San Diego
Migrating to a new agency-management software is always challenging; but the experts at Advantage provide world-class expertise and rapid-fire responsiveness to make the transition as painless as possible, minimizing downtime and assuring the promised objectives are quickly realized.
-Mark Newsome, Chernoff Newman
South Carolina & Orlando
Your training and implementation team came to our agency and made 4 days of training painless! The Advantage team was excellent at keeping focus, and kept our employees engaged! Your team stayed late, came in early, worked part of a Sunday, all in an effort to make sure we were comfortable. This was the smoothest software transition I've even been part of.
-Kim Weprin, Associated
Wichita, KS
What we're saying...

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