• ASI – Agency Strategies

    Agency Strategies, Inc. is a management consulting practice servicing the advertising, media & entertainment verticals for over two decades. Since 2009 the business focus expanded to include the Financial Services industry, as well as advanced analytics for the digital channel.  From our corporate offices in New York City we cover the North American client base, in both the US and Canada.  We also have a global delivery presence on the ground in the UK (EU coverage), India, Hong Kong and Singapore (APAC coverage.)  We offer a broad range of services with extensive expertise in agency margin improvement (proprietary methodology), media financial analysis and optimization, business best practices, project management and technology solutions for the agency space.

  • TIP – The Idea People

    The Idea People (TIP) is a 24-year old enterprise web development agency specializing in blending art, technology, and business for the right solution. Companies and agencies partner with us for heavy-lifting web development, custom creative designs and advanced digital marketing. If you or your client need specialized or high-end web software development to have the website tie-in to internal legacy systems or a mobile app that enables users to access account information and place orders, then we’re the extra bandwidth and expert you’ve been searching for. We operate with total transparency, 100% dependability and we deliver the right result on time. Oh, you and your client own everything we develop without any roadblocks or added fees.

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  • Vincent G. Dong, CPA, CA | Ad.Vice

    Vince will deliver the truth about your agency’s performance and how to improve it. He’s walked in your shoes, has a deep understanding of the agency environment and builds personal relationships that inspire confidence.

    416.504.2231Visit Website130 Spadina Avenue, Suite 705, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L4
  • Hess Consulting

    With over 16 years working with marketing and advertising agencies and over 10 years working directly with Advantage Software, Hess Consulting strives to help your company move to the next level. We evaluate, consult and advise – consulting services are tailored to meet the needs presented. Hess Consulting excels in communicating with staff in all roles to ensure your agency’s processes and procedures are automated as much as possible. Focused consulting that will make sense and provide results.

    Brian Hess612.327.9860LinkedIn Profile
  • Diane Schermer CPA, MBA

    Diane Schermer serves as a senior Training and Audit Specialist for Advantage Software. Over the past 10 years Diane has visited over 250 agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing specialized training and process evaluation in all areas of the program including accounting, media, and project management. Prior to her work with Advantage, Diane served for several years as VP of Finance/CFO for a large nationally-recognized sales promotion agency. This experience gives her a unique real-world perspective on agency business processes and the challenges agencies face.

    In addition to her work with Advantage, Diane provides an array of consulting services. These include assistance with high-level financial management, reporting and monitoring of key financial metrics, pricing models, profitability analysis, budgets, and agency best practices. Diane can also provide hands-on help with detailed accounting needs such as month-end and year-end closings and reconciliations. She can analyze and fix accounting nightmares, and establish proper procedures and controls that will keep you on the right track!

  • VES Management Consulting LLC

    VES Management Consulting LLC is the result of 30 years of solid business experience including start-up’s, executive management of mid to large organizations, and partnering at the helm of an organization. Such seasoning has taught me that “I do not know it all” and “engage those who do” and very important, “teach and delegate as you proceed”; the basis to my growth and success. Today, sharing my experience to those in need of financial and operational improvement is my passion.  Through collaborative discussions, we can provide an objective assessment of the issue[s], identify opportunities for improvement, prioritize execution, and deliver measurable results. I invite you to call VES and experience your company’s operations through another set of eyes and quickly see how challenging the status quo can drive better performance. VES is your true business partner providing financial and operational strategy, driving decision making, and timely execution with team success.

    Stephen J Veres330.687.1820LinkedIn Profile
  • Brandi Whitaker Consulting

    With over 18 years of experience in advertising agencies, Brandi provides consultation with agencies on implementing workflows and project management needs. Brandi has direct experience implementing the Advantage Software tool within the agency and can help your company work through the decisions you need to make to get up and running. She has extensive experience managing project management teams, implementing process and systems and shaping culture and operations of an organization. By approaching the need as a member of your team, Brandi will help focus on the big picture and the smallest detail with an eye on success.

    Brandi Whitaker404.849.1007LinkedIn Profile
  • Mike Ulrich CPA, CA Consulting

    I’m an agency CFO and have focused on the advertising and communications industry for the past 10 years. I can help you with financial and administrative issues in your company by providing you with practical and quick to implement solutions to keep up with the same pace your clients demand from you. I can provide you with two primary areas of support. Advantage system implementation from the planning process through to launch, including defining agency process and its impact on culture, re-defining roles and responsibilities across the agency, working through implications of the system’s set up options to achieve best practices and efficiency. I can also help your agency with options and best practices around the areas of client compensation, staffing structure, compensation for staff and freelance modeling, client profitability, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, key metrics vs. industry standards, operating policies and culture implications, developing objectives for growth that matter based on short to long term goals, finance team mentorship, cash flow management and treasury policies.