The Advantage Proofing webinar is August 17 2017.Psst…we’re just telling you so other people won’t hog all the bandwidth at your agency when you join the Advantage Proofing webinar on August 17th. “Ok, so this may not quite be Game of Thrones, but we think that agencies across the country will be tuned in on August 17th to see all of the new features that we are launching with Advantage Proofing,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “However, you should still grab some sodas or coffee and your favorite snacks and settle in for a fun webinar!”

The Season Debut of Advantage Proofing

This year’s season for Advantage Proofing (ok, we’re milking the Netflix thing!) has more surprises, twists and turns that will surely keep you glued to the webinar on August 17th. And binge watch you shall!

“We have really enhanced the overall features of Advantage Proofing based on the feedback we received from agency partners across the country,” added Coulter. “This tool was already useful and powerful, but our improvements will give you a totally new reason to use our creative proofing platform.”

So What’s New with Advantage Proofing?

  • Ability to notify reviewers in any order you like
  • Ability to make all of just one reviewer active
  • Ability to select reviewers from different alert groups
  • You control the emails so we don’t have to!
  • All contracting and support is handled directly by our Advantage team!

“We are introducing a new external reviewer feature so that users can invite any external user into the review process, like a client or remote worker,” says Coulter. “All you do is type-in an email contact or select one from your Advantage client or vendor list. It’s fast, simple and easy to use!”

Agency creative proofing and review Webinar on August 17 2017 with AQUA Advantage.

The Season Debut of Advantage Proofing (the free Webinar!)

Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 2:00pm EST

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