Are you still using Microsoft Excel to organize your media plans? If you are, you’re not alone! But Advantage AQUA has a better way of doing things, we guarantee it. Built from the ground up, with agencies like yours in mind, Advantage AQUA has all the tools to make media management a breeze.

Excel without Excel, Advantage AQUA for All Your Media Management Needs

With the release of Advantage AQUA, integration has been top-of-mind. Therefore, it was only natural that we wanted to streamline the media planning process alongside the rest of the powerful tools being offered. The media planning module eliminates the need for fancy workarounds by accepting media of all types. It is such a liberating feeling when you know that whatever device your team members are using, they are still covered with Advantage AQUA.

Dozens of user-definable options allow you to replicate any strategies you’re currently working on but with the speed and flexibility you have come to expect. Transferring your current plans over from Excel or any other media planning tools you might be using has never been easier. We weren’t kidding when we said integration was a big factor for us while designing Advantage AQUA.

Advantage AQUA media management tools keep agencies on track.

The Media Planning module offers more than just tools for planning. After all, what is a plan worth if it is hard to communicate it to the rest of your team? I’m sure it was getting difficult for you to explain to your clients a plan mapped out on a spreadsheet. Instead, keep your plans accurate, functional and beautiful with an interface you won’t be ashamed of showing your clients. It doesn’t hurt that it natively connects with the rest of the suite’s fantastic tools too.

“Communication is vital within agencies,” said Ellen Coulter, president, Advantage Software, “but communication between teams isn’t the only important conversation agencies must have. They have to communicate their plans and strategies with their clients as well.”

Media management tools from Advantage AQUA help agencies stay organized.

To handle the task of creating media orders, Advantage Software’s Media Planning module allows you to automatically create media orders without re-keying. That way you can quickly start to analyze your orders by comparing the plan to the actual bid.

The best part? All of these features have been combined into one great module, providing a single portal for managing post-planning media buying tasks alongside actual strategizing. Without leaving the Media Manager module you can generate orders, deliver those orders electronically to media reps, and track when the order has been viewed and accepted.

Better yet, the rep is even able to send back approved quote amounts without the need to log into a third-party system. This integration stuff is a beautiful thing! Even save those approved quotes within the media manager module for future reference.

You can officially say your media management processes have been completely streamlined. Learn more about Media Planning and Media Management by viewing the available videos on The Advantage User Portal. For more information on scheduling training or learning more about Media Planning and Media Management licensing, contact Tina Hussion at