Advantage's web modules allow staff, and even clients, to communicate, collaborate, and access information via desktop, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices.

The Workspace

Webvantage organizes your work, “connects” everyone in your company, and provides the information you need to make important and time-sensitive decisions through a simple and easy-to-use web-based interface. Create workspaces that make sense for each role.  From the workspace, you can connect via Alerts or Chat messages that are all tracked and saved by project.  Access any aspect of a project from the context-sensitive Unity Menu, available from anywhere.  And, organize your day using easy drag and drop features.

Drag and drop Assignments, Alerts, and Tasks to organize your day.  Group by project, priority, due date or other category allowing you to get to the most important tasks quickly.

Use our new Kanban and Scrum Boards to easily assign and manage tasks.


Chat with team members on any topic and keep track of the conversations with the related projects.

Alerts, Assignments and Communications

Alerts and Assignments are part of Webvantage and keep staff informed and moving ahead, regardless of the department or role. Alerts are weaved throughout the entire system and record all communications and conversations permanently. Use Alerts for anything including collaboration, routing documents or creative files for approval, and real-time task management.

Easy Access from Anywhere, Anytime

  • All Webvantage applications can be accessed from your tablet or other handheld devices that can access the Internet.
  • Native Mobile applications designed specifically for Smartphones are available for key modules such as time sheets, alerts, and tasks.
  • The Email Listener even monitors your responses sent through email and records them on the project automatically while alerting you of any new information or documents added.
  • Proactive alerts keep you informed of upcoming tasks, project budget status, missing time, and more.

Webvantage can be accessed by any mobile, tablet and smartphone

Multi-tasking on the Web

Webvantage has the unique ability to display multiple windows within the browser, allowing you to multi-task like never before. We use the latest technologies so you can work on the latest devices now, and into the future.

Ask Blue!

Don’t just think ‘out of the box’ – get out of the box and Ask blue! Using special blue commands, Ask Blue to create and assign tasks and perform other actions from anywhere, anytime, using any device that can connect to the Internet. This quick and easy process allows you to get work done without taking the time to log into the system, but is fully secure and validates every request.

Client Portal

Provide on-line access to your clients where they can communicate and collaborate with your team and access information that you might otherwise have to spend more time preparing and delivering.

The client portal provides access to key modules and keeps a history of communications, conversations, and decisions made. Clients can receive and respond to alerts, review digital assets, request jobs (using job requests), access summary information on work in progress, and more.

Clients can request jobs.  You review, approve, and instantly create a job from the request.  The job request form is defined by you.


Clients get alerts when you need them to do something.  They can approve estimates, digital assets, project briefs, etc.  Delivery final contracts and invoices via the portal.