Trouble juggling accounting, project management and media buying across multiple platforms and a variety of programs? With AQUA, you don’t have to worry about that any more. Our software is designed by ad agency vets to increase efficiency. Sporting highly customizable modules and interfaces, sleek design and a UI like no other, Advantage’s AQUA is leagues beyond any agency software you’ve seen.

Second-to-none user interface & dashboard

Using feedback from some of the leading agencies in the industry, we’ve fine-tuned our user interface. With simple icons and options for workspaces, AQUA is a breeze to use. You have control over the appearance, display size and organizational layout. Best of all, our mobile app is fully responsive, offering you the desktop experience on the go.

Simplifying your project management process

AQUA agency software streamlines project tasks with simplicity and flexibility. Toolbars are intuitive, and icons and instructions are consistent and clear.

Ever evolving agency software

At Advantage, we have our fingers on the pulse of the advertisement agency industry. We update our agency software by listening to the feedback of our clients. We know that, in the advertising world, you have to adapt. We’re always adding new features and tweaking our software to ensure that AQUA makes your work easier and more efficient so your agency can be free to excel.