The Client Relationship Management tools allow you to track communications and activities associated with current and future clients. Use this information to understand the business you have already obtained and what you have in the pipeline. The CRM tools track the sales of products and services to existing clients or new ones.

CRM Central

CRM Central provides full visibility into all your prospect and client activities.  You can quickly access client and contact profiles, sales opportunities, existing contracts, and activities.  Documents, reports, and other attachments can be stored with the client record to keep you organized and centralized.  The summary view displays the most recent activity.

Company Profile

The company profile stores identifying information about your clients and prospects that can be used for analysis.  This begins at the prospect stage and continues even after you’ve won the business.  Track the industry type, specialty, region, revenue, number of employees, affiliations, and information on how they may be a reference for you in the future.

Activity Summary

The activity summary provides an interactive tool for tracking current status and all activities.  Key information such as lead date, source, last activity date, probability, rating, total opportunity, competitor and all activities and notes are displayed here.

Contracts & Opportunities

Enter and track the value of the business you are working toward using opportunities which are automatically converted to contracts when you win the business.  This information can be compared to the investment made at any point in the process using reports or charts and graphs.

Contracts store agreed upon rates, fees, reporting schedules, and other details.  The system sends you reminders when contract renewal dates are approaching and when required reporting is due.


Scheduled Activities

Activities such as calls, to-dos, and meetings are added to the calendar by client or project.  Scheduled activities are accounted for in overall workload calculations and time can be added for them with a single click.  Because we can track activities at the job level, reports can be run later to compare opportunity to investment based on the time you’ve spent on those activities.


Analyze the results through a series of reports and dashboards designed to measure opportunities, investment, and status.  Using the Report Writer and a variety of datasets, create any report you need.