Advantage is built to follow the organic flow of communication, with all of the bells and whistles included. We've even developed a client portal, so that communication and collaboration is extended to your clients. Communicate and collaborate on everything from projects to digital asset proofing and everything in between.


Use Alerts to communicate and collaborate on everything you do.  The uses for Alerts are endless as they provide an organized and streamlined method for communicating electronically through a single application.

  • Pop-up Alerts notify team members of important events requiring attention.
  • Inform team members on the creation of projects, creative direction, specifications, task assignments, and more.
  • Advantage even communicates with you pro-actively on events such as missing time, upcoming tasks, past due tasks, and project budget status.
  • Alerts are delivered to the Desktop or through Email which leads to a series of comments and attachments on the subject.
  • Everything is organized by key operational levels such as office, client, and job, where a history of events and decisions is kept.
  • Order Alerts based on your preference. Drag and drop to re-order items on the list – due dates are and priorities are not changed.
  • Include documents or files such as copy, artwork, websites links, or anything related to the alert or assignment.


  • Create your own workflow templates and attach them to Alerts.  These assignments are then routed intelligently and automatically to team members based on their current state, saving project managers dozens of hours and ensuring immediate and accurate disbursement of tasks at the right time.
  • Workflow templates can be created for any process you perform including job openers, creative review and approval, request for proposal, document approval, bug or issue tracking, and more. The possibilities are endless and allow you to close the gap on missed steps as well as achieve huge gains in efficiency.
  • Use Assignments to route digital files for collaboration and commenting, and track their status. Use the built-in markup tool or Advantage Proofing powered by ConceptShare for advanced features.

Digital Project Issue Tracking

  • Track issues by project and route them automatically to the appropriate team member using workflow paths you define.
  • Include unlimited attachments with every issue.
  • Issues are routed to team members in various roles based on their current state.
  • Team members collaborate on issues using commenting features.
  • Automatic commenting provides a complete audit trail of the actual workflow.
  • Globally view the progress of all or individual digital projects.
  • Globally view the status of all or individual issues across team inboxes.
  • Customizable dashboards allow for drag and drop to re-order items on the list. Filter by state, due date, priority, category, version/build, client, job, and many other options.
  • Issue Tracking can also be used for internal IT or ‘trouble’ tickets and any other process that requires routing.

Documents and Digital Assets

The Document Manager is a fully integrated document and digital asset management tool.

  • Search for and directly access documents and assets by office, product, campaign, job, and other levels.
  • Upload and track documents or creative assets by simply linking to key levels within Advantage.
  • Easy click and drag to upload one or multiple documents at the same time!
  • Customizable document labels and types allow users to tag documents and organize them into your own unique categories.
  • Keep a history of document revisions.
  • Metadata is created and attached to each document, making it searchable as well as exportable.
  • Route and collaborate on the document or asset with team members and save all correspondence for future reference.
  • Add a digital signature on PDFs attached to an Alert or Assignment, allowing a stamp of approval in addition to routing it to staff members.
  • Security is applied to protect confidential documents.

Advantage Proofing

  • Advantage Proofing is integrated digital asset management powered by ConceptShare.
  • Advantage Proofing integrates document markups and collaboration into a single tool that facilitates communication, routing, and tracking of documents in a single system.
  • Control and streamline the approval process and include your clients via the Client Portal.
  • Share reviews with unlimited external reviewers via a simple Email link to gather input and feedback from others.

Client Portal

Communicate and collaborate with your clients using the integrated Client Portal.  Information on projects, documents, and production or media schedules can be shared effortlessly through this branded, permissions-based web site that you control.

  • Alerts are sent via Email that contain a link connecting them directly to the portal from a computer or supported mobile device. New and unread Alerts are prominently displayed.
  • Documents and files are available for review and collaboration through Alerts where comments and decisions made are kept in history forever.
  • Invoices, forms, and important reports keep clients informed proactively.
  • Clients can view and approve creative briefs and project specifications online.
  • Collaborate on creative with your client using Advantage Proofing powered by ConceptShare.
  • Calendars display project and media schedules in many different formats.
  • Various real-time dashboards and reports provide up-to-the minute information on active projects.
  • Clients can request jobs using Job Request forms that you design yourself. When a job is requested through the Client Portal, the selected contact at the agency receives an Alert and Email.  Once approved, the job can be opened automatically!