Our past made us who we are today.

Since 1977 Advantage Software has been committed to delivering market-leading software innovations that empower our partners and customers to dramatically improve the development, deployment, integration and management of their business processes.

From the very beginning, we committed to giving our customers long-term quality support. Since our humble beginning over 35 years ago, we have grown into a full-sized company with a 43 member team of the brightest minds in the industry including our implementation/training, client support, technical support, programming, quality assurance/testing, management/administrative, and business development employees… all who understand your business challenges.

  • 1977

    The Advantage Software Company was founded as Basic Computer Systems, Inc. in 1977 in Los Angeles, California.
  • 1983

    The Advertising Agency User’s Group was founded. We worked as partners to develop software and services that met the needs of every member. The user group continues to be very active and meets every 18 months to discuss enhancements and collaborate on product improvement.
  • 1992

    We began developing a new generation of Agency Management Software called Advantage. Advantage was the first true Windows product available for Advertising Agencies.
  • 1995

    This was the year of our first installation of Advantage. Since then, over 650 agencies have implemented and continue to use the Advantage system.
  • 2002

    Advantage acquires the Adman company; adding its base of over 800 clients and 14 staff members to the Advantage family. With the addition of this experienced staff, we were able to double our efforts in the areas of research, development and technical services for the Advantage product.
  • 2004

    We released Webvantage, our browser-based application providing Internet or Intranet access to Advantage applications, reports and information.
  • 2011

    Advantage and Webvantage blue were released, changing and improving the way our customers run their businesses. Blue has been the most innovative version of Advantage and Webvantage released to date and is making a huge difference in all areas of agency operations!
  • 2012

    Advantage continually grows and improves based on our agencies’ needs and the demands of technology. The Advantage Software Company is a consistently profitable, privately held company with a long history of innovation and superior service to its clients.
  • 2013

    Sapphire builds upon the blue platform with even easier-to-use applications re-written using the new blue look and feel along with enhanced features in all areas. From communication and collaboration on workflow, to critical reports and metrics on productivity and profits, sapphire brings clarity and accountability to every aspect of your business!
  • 2014

    Advantage mobile applications are available as part of Advantage Sapphire! These native mobile apps work on any standard device and feature easy-to-use controls and overall simplicity! You’ll have access to the most important information you need to keep things running smoothly back at the office from anywhere!
  • 2016

    Advantage AQUA is released!