We’ve turned a passion into a profession.

From our unique workflow systems that conform to the way you work, to building real client partnerships, we connect people!

Advantage is a software company that has successfully turned a passion into a profession. With over 30 years of experience, we are very well qualified to serve you now and well into the future. Advantage Software provides a suite of products with features you need to monitor and improve productivity and increase profitability.


Agencies Using Advantage


Maximize Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability

Our software is completely scalable to fit the needs of any size business. We build our software with the right mix of browser-based and other tools that maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability. This means something for every employee associate in every department. Advantage is perfect for full-service advertising agencies of all sizes, creative and production shops, public relations and marketing firms.

There are many in-house agencies, from large corporations to retail chains to multi-location businesses that depend on Advantage for business process management. In addition, our software is utilized by software companies, construction companies, and engineering firms. We thrive on the immediacy of our client’s business. As of this year, more than 650 agencies have implemented and are using Advantage and Webvantage!

All our staff members are certified experts in the software and their respective roles and are employed by Advantage.