• Ellen Coulter


    Ellen Coulter grew up in Advertising as her father owned an Ad Agency in Orange County, California and forced her to work summers in the office. She went on to work for his company full-time and after finding her joy in computers, moved to Advantage as a Software Support Representative over 29 years ago.

    Since then, she’s served in many different roles at Advantage Software and has used her combined knowledge of the advertising industry and advertising agency software development to build a product and a company that continues to grow; and a team that is totally dedicated to its customers with training, implementation, and support.

    • Advantage Software Company – 29 years – Various positions: Customer Service, Training and Implementation, Sales, Programming, Operations
    • Galusha & Associates Advertising and Public Relations – 4 years – Accounting Manager and System Implementation Specialist
  • Courtney Boydston

    Head of Sales

    Courtney is Head of Sales for Advantage. In her role, she is responsible for leading the sales team to drive software growth for media, finance, project management and payments solutions. Courtney joined Advantage after several years as the Business Manager for a media buying agency. At Advantage, Courtney has held several roles including training/implementation and consulting before joining the sales team. Frequently known as the road warrior, she enjoys traveling and seeing new places. Her personal agency experience, along with her years of consulting for agencies, gives her a deep knowledge of challenges unique to agencies and how Advantage can offer everyday and big-picture solutions.   Prior to the agency world, Courtney was the Commercial Services Manager for Central Bank, Boone County. In this role, she organized the cash flow for multiple branches and ATMs, working daily with the Federal Reserve, individual branch locations and large volume commercial clients to make sure their cash needs were met week to week.
  • Scott Byrnes

    Vice President - Chief Technical Officer

    Scott began working for Advantage as a consultant at an early age. Being Mike Byrnes’ son, he was used to solve technical issues when Mike was still a client. Scott’s talents are clearly in computers and working with people. He has natural talent and focused his education on network administration and programming among other technical specialties.

    For the past 18 years, Scott has been our full-time technical “guru” and serves as our Chief Technical Officer. He paves the way for us (and our clients) to use Advantage with all the latest technical innovations; he’s established our ASP model; and he’s helped our technical department be the most highly rated in our industry.

    • Advantage Software Company – 18 years – CTO
    • BGM Advertising – 5 years – Network Administration and Application Support
  • Chastity Burrell

    Director of Software Services

    Chastity spent 10 years using Advantage as a client in an accounting leadership role.  She has since become a leader in the Advantage Software Support department as the Client Services Manager.  She's been with Advantage for over five years and heads the team that makes customer service their number one priority.
  • Tina Hussion

    Vice President / Client Services

    Tina got her start in Advertising as a Controller over 25 years ago. She went on to become a consultant to advertising agencies and helped them to select and implement agency management programs.

    After all that experience, she chose to dedicate herself to Advantage and our clients. She manages a team of 6 who help our clients implement the Advantage system. We strongly believe that a good implementation ensures success!

    • Advantage Software Company - 15 years -Training and Implementation Specialty
    • The Bottom Line Consulting – 18 years – (Advertising Agency Consulting), System Implementation, Controller. Consulted with Control G accounting system and other agency software clients
    • Barnhart & Company – 5 years – Controller
  • Steven Walden

    Director of Software Engineering

    Steven has been developing and maintaining  enterprise software solutions since 2005 and been with Advantage since 2010.  He  keeps the software evolving  by combining the latest technology with new ideas.  Steven is responsible for keeping the software stable and ensures that the development team is moving down the right path.
  • Dan DeBartolo

    Director of Client Services

    Dan DeBartolo has spent his career on the operations side of the advertising business.   As Vice President GM of a family Typesetting/4 Color separation shop, he had a hand in all aspects of production and became familiar with the tight schedules of the advertising world. Making the move to an agency was a natural progression. Running the marketing services department of the largest privately held promotion agency in the United States, Dan used his knowledge and experience to develop process and procedures for 750 people spread around the country in 9 offices.

    After 15 years on the agency side, Dan made the leap to Advantage. Heading up Advantage’s Project Management department is a great use of skills acquired over the years combined with a great product. Dan sees tremendous grown potential for Advantage in Project Management and views it as a tool for expanding into new markets as well.

    • Stamford Type and Color – 17 years Vice President General Manager
    • DL Ryan Companies – 15 years Vice President, Marketing Services
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