For Agency Leaders, Advantage means increased productivity and efficiency, tools to monitor your business, and the ability to access information on demand. 

Executive Dashboards

Do you have Executive Dashboards? AQUA’s dashboards provide real-time information and answer some very important questions. Some are specific to finances and cash flow. Others give you information on performance and trends – what’s working, and what’s not.

The dashboards answer questions like:

  • Do you have 3 months of cash flow on hand?
  • Do you have significant positive working capital?
  • How are receivables looking?
  • And, what are the billing trends for the past two years?

Cash Balance & Client Aging Views

The cash balance view is a real-time look into your agency’s cash.

  • Includes how much was posted today.
  • Your AP due today.
  • The AP percent of cash.
  • Open AR.
  • AP percent of open AR.
  • Plus, each bank account balance is listed.


Not only do you see the status of receivables, you can drill down to invoices and even type-in collection notes. It’s great information for you to have at your fingertips, real time.

Agency Statuses

Are you reaching your goals in key areas of your business? Using the Executive Dashboard, you can see:

  • Gross income as a percent of billing.
  • Overhead costs.
  • Payroll as a percentage of overhead.
  • Red and green flags alerts showing if your agency goals have been made or not.
  • Open AP and open AR as a percent of cash.
  • How actuals are looking as compared to the budget.
  • What hard costs have been written off by month.

What Type of Your Agency’s Work is Most or Least Profitable


  • This Gross Income dashboard allows you to see where your revenue is coming from by type of work.
  • See which ideas are paying off and where you should focus your time.
  • This dashboard is from the Client Profit and Loss dataset and is completely customizable.

Agency Income

  • See the same type of information by stacking month to month, year to year, or even day to day.
  • Drill down to the details that make up these numbers.
  • Use your dashboards to analyze trends.


What about your Agency’s Net Income?

  • Which clients have been the most or the least profitable after considering labor and other direct costs?
  • Are all of your clients netting at least an 18% profit and if not, why?
  • Are you measuring labor costs accurately?

Agency Profit and Loss

  • Client PL reports and charts in Advantage give comprehensive detailed information and real-time data to back it up.
  • You can even adjust your employee cost allocation based on actual hours and compensation.
  • You can run the standard reports or you can create your own.
  • Plus many more options.

Account Executives Productivity Reports

New business is the lifeblood of every agency. Now, you can analyze your sales people’s productivity and results.


  • Who are your best sales people?
  • What’s in the pipeline?
  • This dashboard uses standard CRM information to display opportunities by prospect and AE and the investment made over time.
  • See if your initial investment is generating what it should and if the account is being properly managed.

You can also see estimated and actual income beyond that start up period. This dashboard allows you to measure estimated and actual gross or net income charted out by Sales Class and AE.  Again, drill down to details. You can only get this type of information if it’s integrated with your agency management software. Not separate!

Staff Performance

  • How is your staff performing overall?
  • Where can you make productivity gains?
  • Are you meeting your direct percent goals?
  • From this Employee Utilization dashboard you can drill all the way down to project details by employee.


  • From a realization perspective, are you billing more than 90% of your staff’s time?
  • How much time are you writing off? Can you see that every month?
  • Optimization of staff time is really crucial to your success.
  • And, assuming you are tracking time…
  • The Employee Utilization dashboard gives you the answers to these questions and also helps you determine WHY!

Service Fee Analysis Dashboards

  • Do service fees make up more than 75% of your revenue?
  • If so, do you know how your labor and other costs relate to the service fee income?
  • Can you see that from a project level?
  • Which projects are soaking up all the fee hours and did you plan accordingly?
  • Who are your labor-intensive clients?
  • What rates are you actually achieving?
  • Could you be doing even better?


The Advantage Service Fee Analysis tools handle all this – and more. We have dashboards and reports with summary and detailed information you need to see what is going on.

Agency Contract Analysis Views

Depending on your agency’s model, it may be difficult to keep up with contract requirements and renewals. You probably could use proactive alerts that tell you when contracts are due to expire. You may also appreciate reminders on key contract requirements that need to be met. For example, you may be required to send out monthly recaps or quarterly reports to clients. How do you track all that now and make sure it gets done? Advantage automates all of these processes!

Additionally, through the CRM module, you can get information on contract values and what you stand to gain or lose.


You can also look into the future! You can see what’s coming based on opportunities and probability, and change the forecast with a click based on ‘what if’ scenarios.

  • What if we don’t sell everything that is forecasted?
  • How is revenue affected and how does staffing need to change?

All of this is part of the Advantage CRM module that is fully integrated with projects, time and accounting.

Risk Analysis Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be great to head off some problems before they can happen? Today’s job status report can do much more than tell you the status of a project or if you just went over budget. By then, it’s too late! The Advantage Risk Analysis dashboard can actually predict the future.


Risk Analysis is something that you won’t find available in most systems and doing it manually is extremely time-consuming. AQUA Advantage makes a big difference…again.

Does your Agency Need to Hire or Reduce Staff?

By looking at the availability chart, you get a great idea of how your staff is allocated – by department. This information is directly tied to projects and may relate back to the revenue that you can earn. So, you can use it to make proactive decisions on hiring.

  • Do you really need that freelancer?
  • Or – do you need twenty freelancers or need to hire more staff?


Your Agency’s Revenue


  • Which of your clients contribute the biggest share of revenue and does this pose a risk to your agency?
  • Do you have one client that earns you greater than 50% of your total revenue?
  • Is your revenue evenly distributed?
  • Do you have 4 pillar clients that give you 80%+ of your revenue?

This intuitive dashboard gives you this information at a glance, and you set the thresholds.