Manage all your media from a single media planning software which includes flexible media planning, broadcast research, broadcast worksheets and RFPs supporting spot TV and radio (national TV to follow), ordering applications, electronic order delivery and tracking, a fully integrated management dashboard, data storage for analysis of media results, robust reporting and dashboards to analyze data, and streamlined communication with other departments.

Media Planning Software

The media plan is where it all begins.  Get your media plans out of Excel and fully integrated with the rest of your business by using media planning software from Advantage.  The media planning module handles all media types and includes dozens of user-definable options that allow you to replicate the plans you’re creating in Excel or other programs.  You can create beautiful client-facing plans that are functional, accurate, and fully integrated with everything else you do.  From the plan, create media orders automatically without re-keying!  If using our broadcast worksheet, goals are pulled from the plan automatically.  Later, compare plan to buy to actual and billed.

Broadcast Sample

Advantage Software lets you to media plan for broadcast buy

Internet Sample

Advantage Software lets you to media plan for Internet buy

Broadcast Research

Local TV and Radio ratings data is available to Nielsen subscribers in our broadcast research module which can be used to analyze data and to make buying decisions.  It includes a variety of reports and options.

Spot TV

  • Ranker and trend reports.
  • Single book or multi-book reporting including projected books.
  • Single day/time or multiple day/time reporting.
  • Single or multi-demographic reporting.
  • Numerous metric options for data reporting.
  • Spill station identification.
  • Filtering of data available to narrow down delivered details.
  • Export to Excel.

TV Trend Report

Spot Radio

  • Ranker, trend and audience composition reports.
  • Single and multi-book averaging.
  • Qualitative data options included.
  • Listening location options included.
  • Standard dayparts and hourly daypart options.
  • Single station or multi-station reporting.
  • Spill station identification.
  • Reporting including single dayparts or multiple dayparts.
  • Numerous metric options for data reporting.
  • Filtering of data available to narrow down delivered details.
  • Export to Excel.

Broadcast Worksheet

The broadcast worksheet is fully integrated with the media planning software.  Load both markets and goals into the worksheet instantly.  Even if you’re not using our planning module, you can enter your goals quickly and easily in a simple grid.  The worksheet is also integrated with Nielsen and Comscore ratings, but you can use the power of this module even if you don’t subscribe, simply enter ratings and get the same benefits.

The market schedule is where all the magic happens.  This modern and efficient tool streamlines the buying process like never before.

  • Define your workspace with standard AQUA tools including column chooser, sorting, and filtering.
  • Easily toggle between markets throughout the module.
  • See goals vs. purchased while you’re assembling your buy.
  • Manage TV rating projections using our special measurement trend tool.
  • Include reach and frequency calculations.
  • Revision tracking allows you to see where things have changed.
  • Print a schedule for internal or client approval.
  • Deliver orders to vendors electronically using the media manager.
  • Orders flow seamlessly into Advantage billing, no importing, and includes revisions.

Market Schedule2

Media Orders

Create media orders automatically from plans for all media types with media buying software.  Optionally, create orders without plans or simply import from one of our supported media partners.  Orders are created quickly and easily using automated features.

Media orders are generated and delivered to vendor representatives where they can electronically review and submit proposed amounts or accept and approve the order as submitted.

Media orders align with the plan based on the plan/order relationship or the time frame and media order details.  Media orders are specific for each media type and include all the details you need to either communicate with the vendor or bill the client.

Once orders are created, they can be used to schedule materials delivery, process billing, and reconcile to vendor invoices.  Use our DoubleClick integration to create digital campaigns and placements automatically, without re-keying.

Every step in the media order process is tracked electronically as it occurs, so you know exactly where you stand.  Each order displays the current status and a history of events including order generated, order received, order accepted, and more.  You’ll even have a copy of all original documents sent and electronically signed, all without downloading or uploading anything.

Advantage Software creates orders automatically from approved media estimates or by copying existing orders


Media & Production Connected

Integration with production adds another level of efficiency. Vendor/publication specifications and deadlines are readily available to production staff during the creative process based on media buys.  Media Calendars allow you to view your entire media or traffic schedule and all details in one versatile online application.  Share media calendars, media authorizations, specifications, and other key information with clients electronically through the browser-based Client Portal.

Media Buying Software: The Media Manager

The media manager module provides a single portal for managing media buying and related business processes.

Start by generating orders and delivering them to media representatives electronically with everything they need, even ad copy.  The media manager tracks when the order has been viewed and accepted by the rep.  The rep can even send back quoted or approved amounts that are stored and instantly available in the media manager when complete.  Once accepted, an electronically signed copy of the order is automatically associated with the order in the system, downloading or uploading of files.

From there, edit any order details from this single portal!  Access all media-related transactions including order, billing, and vendor invoice details.  Instantly download related documents.  If you need to change the markup percentage on a group of orders, no problem, use the media manager to update key information in large groups.  Approve orders for billing online and fully eliminate the paper trail!

For digital or other buys that are paid with a credit card, use the media manager to process payments with the order and then track and reconcile them easily!  Finally, approve invoices and reconcile buys from this single portal where you can access all details and make important decisions with the confidence of knowing that you have everything in one place.


Vendor Invoice Matching and Approval

Because Advantage is a complete agency management system including accounting, it contains integrated vendor invoice matching and payment modules that tie directly to the media management features.  Vendor payments, orders and billing are seamlessly tied together keeping it simple, and accurate.

Vendor invoices flow seamlessly into the system via email or other built-in integrations and are matched to related media orders.  This starts the process of matching and reconciliation.  Communications between accounting and media are completely automatic.  Reconciliation is simple and allows for a great deal of flexibility to include automatic write up/down.

Special features needed to manage both digital and broadcast media types are available.  Spot matching with variable settings and re-allocation of digital impressions are two examples of automation features that will make your life easier.


Digital Results and Analytics

Digital media results provided by ad servers can be imported into Advantage to complete the picture.  Results from other media types can also be collected and reported on using this module.  We match actual results by media plan and relative time frame along with other details provided.  You can create your own reports and dashboards, like the one you see below, to view the results.  These dashboards are interactive and exportable.  Share this information with your client electronically via the client portal or simply insert images into your own presentation materials.


Digital Comparison Dashboard



In addition to online tools such as the Media Planning Flowcharts and the Media Calendar, you have access to everything you need to generate helpful media reports using standard options or our flexible dynamic and advanced report writers!

Standard reports are available for Media Plans, Media Estimates, Media Orders, Media Order Current Status, Materials Due, and a variety of Media Reconciliation Reports which help you identify orders placed, billed, amount received by vendors and balances.  Standard report applications include a variety of options and settings that allow for the creation of many different reports.

Report Writer Dataset categories for creating your own simple and advanced reports (related to media) include Media Current Status, Media Current Status Summary, Media Plan, Media Plan Comparison Summary, Media Materials and Specifications, and Newspaper Detail. You can even create your own dashboards with any report!

Media Integration

Use Advantage as a stand-alone media buying software for all media types or use other buying systems and integrate to consolidate estimate, order, financial, and management information into a single system. StrataConnect and CoreConnect provide seamless integration with media orders and vouchers from Strata and CoreMedia media buying systems. The unique ‘visual’ interface allows for corrections and approvals to be viewed before being processed.  Integration with Centro (digital) and DoMedia (out of home) is possible using our generic interface.  DoubleClick ad serving integration is also available.  Create campaigns and placements in DCM automatically from Advantage media orders.  Plus, get digital results and compare your plan to actual results. Other ad server integrations (such as Sizmek) will be added over time.