We’re all searching for productive tools that help agency teams collaborate and be more productive. Moving work forward without causing additional meetings, conference calls and headaches is always welcomed at any agency.

“Help our agency move work forward without another conference call!”

We here at Advantage Software hear you loud and clear. To that note, we are excited to announce that we have developed Advantage Proofing coming to the Webvantage Dashboard and Job Jacket PMD in first quarter!

Ad agency software with creative review and proofing from Advantage AQUA.

“Advantage Proofing is a simple and collaborative proofing tool that helps agencies share and approve creative work while quickly pushing work through the agency workflow,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Getting feedback and approvals on creative work should not be a frustrating and drawn out process, so we are thrilled to get Advantage Proofing out into the agency workflow.”

Benefits of Agency Proofing Software

  1. Seamlessly integrated with Advantage AQUA – no need to mess with third party plugins or subscriptions because Advantage Proofing will be integrated inside the Advantage workflow system.
  2. Faster approvals and fewer meetings – our new Advantage Proofing will streamline your creative review and approval process because your agency team can make notes and comments directly on the digital proof itself – eliminating time-wasting meetings and conference calls.
  3. Revisions are tracked easily – your agency can deliver approved creative assets up to 82% faster with Advantage Proofing because revisions will be delivered and tracked faster and more easily.
  4. Intuitive interface for comments and approvals – we thought of it all! Our Advantage Proofing interface is easy to use, fast to comment and so simple to share. Plus everything is tracked online!
  5. No more waiting in the door jambs – (we love this one and you will, too!) Say goodbye to waiting around in the agency door jambs for somebody to review and scribble their comments on a creative proof. Advantage Proofing moves everything online for every team member to see. No more door jambs!

“Advantage Proofing is an exciting tool that will improve workflow and overall efficiency at the agency level,” says Coulter. “You can request, track and react to feedback on all agency creative work while keeping the feedback cycle in sync with the overall schedule and plan.”Agency proofing and creative review software with Advantage AQUA.

Agencies will find Advantage Proofing inside the Webvantage Dashboard and Job Jacket PMD with beta testers beginning this quarter.

For more information on Advantage Proofing with AQUA, please contact Dan Debartolo at dan.debartolo@gotoadvantage.com or call 800-841-2078 if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester or have specific questions. We look forward to helping your agency grow in 2017.