“We are so excited to announce that our latest release of AQUA Advantage includes our new and incredible creative review and proofing tool called Advantage Proofing,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Our partnership with ConceptShare has seamlessly integrated this powerful creative review and approval workflow that will keep your agency on time and on budget.”

Every Agency Should Use Advantage Proofing

Advantage Proofing will quickly become the new benchmark for quickly and seamlessly providing agencies of all sizes with on-the-fly creative reviews and approvals. “This is a game changer for so many of our agencies that need faster creative reviews and approvals,” added Coulter. “Advantage Proofing will allow your agency to keep forward momentum at a higher level while documenting all approvals from the agency and the client.”

Agency creative proofing and review software from AQUA Advantage.

Benefits of Advantage Proofing

  1. Accelerates creative project delivery to save margins and increase profitability;
  2. Helps deliver approved assets up to 82% faster;
  3. Allows agency team to request, track and react to feedback on all your creative work;
  4. Keeps the feedback cycle in sync with your client’s overall schedule and plan;
  5. Routes reviews to get input from all needed reviewers;
  6. Prevents clients from seeing early drafts;
  7. Stops mistakes of publishing without approval;
  8. Uses reminders and alerts to keep projects running smoothly;
  9. Keeps everyone up to date on the latest comments, uploads, versions and more;
  10. Allows team members to comment and work directly in the activity feed!

Agency creative review and agency ad tracking software with AQUA Advantage.

“Our agency clients are so excited about  Advantage Proofing because it provides clear and actionable feedback quickly and easily,” added Coulter. “Markup tools ensure feedback is clear and precise eliminating any guesswork, while creative and review teams can discuss and resolve change requests directly on the proof.”

For more information on integrating Advantage Proofing and AQUA Advantage into your agency, please contact Tina Hussion at tina.hussion@gotoadvantage.com or call 800-841-2078.