By now, most agencies have explored and implemented at least one type of project management system. “We see simple to complex Excel [Microsoft] spreadsheets, pieced-together subscription services and several types of ad hoc online PM services that are nothing more than simple CRM programs,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “A really solid, strong, proven project management system for your agency can seriously bring measurable levels of effectiveness and automation like never seen before.”

The AQUA Advantage project management platform has over 35 years of development, testing and real-world agency application. “Our PM system is built entirely for the agency environment and business structure,” added Coulter. “Our solution allows agencies to solve real problems, connect the entire agency and have a single solution for automating just about everything you do.”

The AQUACon 2017 Agency Project Management Conference

The teams with AQUA Advantage want to show you how you can finally achieve your goals by implementing AQUA PM and making it part of your total agency workflow. So we’re building the first ever AQUACon Project Management Conference to be held October 8-10, 2017 in beautiful Asheville, NC!

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This powerful, creative and hands-on conference allows agency team members to get up close and personal with the AQUA Advantage project management platform. The AQUACon 2017 Project Management Conference is designed to focus on everything related to managing projects and resources.

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Discover What’s New  & Powerful

The AQUACon Project Management Conference is the evolution of a great idea made even better. The latest features in AQUA make it even easier to manage your day-to-day processes. We’ve reduced clicks and increased capabilities after listening to what you want in a Project Management system. Ease of use, a clean real-time interface and the benefits of a fully integrated system are the cornerstones of AQUA.

Connect with Your Peers

AQUACon 2017 is a lot more than attending sessions. “Advantage is built on ideas from the users, and that is obvious in AQUA,” says Coulter. “You’ll hear from those users and see how their suggestions take form in the software.” You’ll also hear how they are using the system which can lead to ideas you can take back and use at your own agency.

Simplify Your Agency Workflow

Why would you do in 5 clicks what you can do in 2? Why run a report when you can view a dashboard in real time? Why enter data twice when you can enter it once and have it integrate to everywhere it is needed? Why search for communications in email, chat etc., when it can be centralized into a single system?

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AQUACon 2017 Agency Project Management Conference
October 8-10, 2017
Renaissance Asheville Hotel in Asheville, NC

Early Bird Registration of $498 per Person Ends July 28th