When we started to design and develop AQUA Advantage, we knew that the dashboard view would be the centerpiece and most-used point in our agency software. And it made us think about how agencies would use their software dashboards. So, naturally, we reached out to agencies and they helped us build what we consider is the best agency software dashboard in the market today.

Developing Dashboards that Agency Pros Will Use

“Our goal with building the new AQUA Advantage agency software dashboard was to create a data visualization solution that satisfied the user points for all agency team members,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “We know that agencies need fast access to data snapshots for instant knowledge on all types of account, media and financial information. Our AQUA dashboards help our agencies make better business decisions on the fly as their client business ebbs and flows.”

AQUA Advantage agency software dashboard shows team positions on all projects.

The new AQUA Advantage software is an incredibly good example of how dashboards uniquely address the specific needs of each stakeholder inside an agency. “We developed each of our agency software dashboards to focus on all of the data pieces behind the board that can tell a correct story to the agency user.”

  1. Trust the data. For more than 38 years, Advantage has been building agency-only software that collects, sorts and reports accurate data across all agency touch points. “The agency’s data is the most sacred and organic asset that our agency clients have,” ¬†said Coulter. “We know that the agency’s data is their bread and butter, and we are very good at accurately storing, sorting and retrieving data at every turn that an agency needs. Our clients know they can trust the data that is entered and stored in our Advantage products.”
  2. Build dashboards how agencies will use them. This may seem like a “no brainer” statement, but we really do involve our agencies when we develop their software. “Our goal is only to develop robust agency software solutions based on what and how the agency will actually use it,” says Coulter. “Each dashboard inside our new AQUA Advantage is grown from how agencies told us they wanted to use the data and how they will use their software dashboards. It’s all about our agency clients.”Agency software dashboards are a centerpeice in AQUA Advantage software.
  3. Make the dashboard a customized resource point. “We only build agency software dashboards that are totally customized for how our agency clients will use them,” added Coulter. “Since most agencies like the customized pieces of each of our dashboards, we designed easy color changes, data menu sorting and data view capabilities so that each agency team member can build a central dashboard that uniquely provides the snapshot of data that they actually need.”
  4. Build eye-catching dashboard graphics and metrics.¬†“One of the strongest feedbacks that we get about AQUA Advantage is that the users enjoy the charts and graphics that bring data to life inside the software,” said Coulter. “We developed dashboard graphics based on how the agencies told us they would best use the data snapshots, and that included easy-to-read and colorful charts.”

At the core of most successful agencies is AQUA Advantage agency software. Take AQUA Advantage on a test drive today. Request a free demo here. Or you can call our AQUA agency team at 800-841-2078 or email sales@gotoadvantage.com.