We’re all in the communications business. We communicate ideas, advertisements, messages, creative expressions, entertainment and information. “We’ve all had those weeks that fly by so quickly and all we can do is check off a list that is sitting in front of us,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Every agency has the challenge of doing so much more with fewer resources. It almost puts the agency team members into quiet silos to meet deadlines and client needs, much to the detriment of the agency itself. Communication will suffer.”

How to Communicate Better Inside Your Agency

Are you old enough to remember when there were lots of paper that circulated around your agency? Folders held media plans, creative assets, client details and just about everything else that could cram inside that plastic folder! But it was passed around the agency from person to person, and people wrote notes on the folders and papers inside. It was communicating. And we’re talking about just ten years ago! But at least we communicated and talked with our peers.

Better agency communications with AQUA Advantage agency platform.

Well, communications inside the agency has obviously changed. “The digital workflow and communications portal is the centerpiece to how the modern agency communicates internally and externally,” said Coulter. “Our agencies need a central point or hub from which everything passes and collects for people to make decisions, give feedback and wind up on an invoice to the client.”

But how can we use digital technology to communicate more effectively? How can an agency seamlessly and accurately share client resources, agency assets and team input while streamlining workflow and doing it with fewer resources? Before you throw the towel at us, let’s give you some help.

  1. Make our agency paperless. Well, ok. *Poof* You’re paperless. With robust Project Management, Media Management, CRM, and Agency Management tools, our AQUA Advantage platform does it all and does it well. Your automated workflow keeps job tickets, media assets, budgets, comments, discussions and billing all in one place so everybody can share at one time.
  2. Make our agency in-sync and in-harmony. Get ready, because this really does work! Our client portal provides a way for agencies and their clients to request work, deliver documents, review creative, obtain approvals, and otherwise collaborate in a centralized, electronic environment. Every agency team member is on the same page at any time during the day or night.
  3. Can you automate our agency workflow? Well, yes we can. We’ve done this for agencies of all types for more than 36 years. It’s all we do! Our AQUA Advantage platform automates all aspects of accounting, billing, project management, digital asset management, creative proofing, media planning and buying, and client relationship management with the specific needs of agencies and their clients in mind.
  4. Can you help us on mobile, laptop and desktop? Of course we can! AQUA Advantage and Webvantage give your agency team members access in the airport, on the beach, from the bed, at the office and in the car. We work on all platforms including mobile. Now everybody at your agency can communicate into and out of the exact same point in your workflow. It’s amazing and totally customizable to your agency’s workflow.
  5. Can you get all of our agency teams into a single software? You better believe we can! We’re the best agency software platform in the business. You won’t need different accounting or media or Excel programs. “We have over 36 years of developing agency team software that brings everybody together under one platform,” says Coulter. “Don’t piecemeal your agency clients and team members together. We can show you the smart way to increase your agency’s communication while strengthening your workflow.”

For more information on integrating better agency communications and AQUA Advantage into your agency, please contact Tina Hussion at tina.hussion@gotoadvantage.com or call 800-841-2078.