Mobile and smartphone technology is leveling the playing field for agencies of all types across the globe. “Capabilities and technologies that were once reserved for the Fortune 500 can now fit into the palm of every business size,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “The biggest savings with integrating mobile access to agency software is with team member hours and efficiency of agency workflow.”

A study dating from last year revealed that small businesses [those with under 500 employees] use mobile technology to assist with a variety of different functions. When asked how they use smartphones, tablets, and other forms of mobile technology, 73% said they use it for social media marketing, 71% for email marketing, 44% for advertising, 34% for mobile websites, 18% for mobile/tablet based POS systems and 18% to manage operations.

Mobile and smartphone agency software from AQUA Advantage.

Running Your Agency Workflow via Mobile

How many meetings do your agency team members take their phones and laptops to? Is it close to 100%? “We found that the majority of agency team members that spend time outside of the agency do take their smartphones and laptops with them,” said Coulter. “Our native mobile applications are designed specifically for smartphones and are available for key AQUA Advantage modules like time sheets, alerts and tasks.”

So here’s a quick glance at how these key AQUA Advantage modules can take your agency workflow mobile:

  1. Go mobile with time sheets – grab your smartphone, login to AQUA Advantage and review time sheets on client projects. Even enter your team’s time from the airport lounge.
  2. Alerts on-the-go with you – as long as you’re out of the office, you can receive alerts on client projects, deadlines, creative approvals and more.
  3. Tasks keep up with you – those tasks will not let you down! Monitor your tasks for all of the assignments that you need to manage while out of the office.

“Our Email Listener even monitors your responses sent through email and records them on the project automatically while alerting you of any new information or documents added,” added Coulter. “If you can get access via your smartphone, you’ll be in touch with your agency workflow.”

For more information on integrating AQUA Advantage and our native mobile applications into your agency, please contact Tina Hussion at or call 800-841-2078.