Marketing and digital agency technologies are evolving at a speed that has not been seen since the boom of the dot coms in 1999. “Our agency clients are fighting battles on several key fronts every day,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Competitors, tighter client budgets, evolving technologies, demanding clients and on-the-fly digital demands cause agency leaders and teams stress beyond just being creative and strategic.”

Digital Agency Trends – The Advantage Spin

If you think back over the past 20 years, the modern agency has been under a boom of digital evolution unparalleled in the past 200 years of agency genius. “Probably the invention of the printing press, radio and television are the major agency milestones prior to the commercialization of the Internet and the boom of marketing technology,” adds Coulter. “So we have spotted some major trends that are unfolding quickly to help shape a positive and profitable year for our agency clients and we’d like to share these with the agency community.”

Digital agency management software with Advantage AQUA.

  1. Creative and marketing strategies begin in customer’s hands first. It’s no surprise that a brand’s marketing strategy includes on-the-fly deployment and measurement with digital channels at the customer’s fingertips. “Fast team collaboration, creative material reviews and electronic media placement are driving our agency clients and we’re responding with incredible digital tools and capabilities within our Advantage AQUA products,” says Coulter.
  2. Agencies still target people, but just more quickly! The instant gratification for content, coupons, deals and brand judgment are still made at the people level. “Agencies want automated workflow and extensive reporting tools that take client and campaign data to a level never before seen,” says Coulter. “Our new data reporting capabilities in Advantage AQUA bend, squeeze and slice data on campaigns, budgets and results to give agencies faster access to multiple levels of gathered data. It’s still about giving consumers and customers incredible content even though the medium has been altered.”
  3. They still have to like my client’s brands. People like to buy from brands they like, respect and admire. Even though the digital experience has shaved minutes and seconds of engagement down to mere moments, the digital agency needs to craft content and advertising messages that still convey the elements of why customers connect with a brand. “We talk with hundreds of agencies every month and they all want workflow, media, reporting and accounting tools that provide data and influence the speed to market,” adds Coulter. “Our Advantage AQUA products arm agency teams with fast access to client creative assets, media schedules, team conversations and historic data to help them spend more time crafting brand messages that resonate with target audiences.”
  4. Content teams will emerge as revenue generators. Brilliant copy writers are incredible agency assets that win accounts and influence millions of customers. “Well, we’re seeing more of a demand for actual content writing and content production teams emerging inside digital agencies to fulfill client demands for branded and associated content,” says Coulter. “Tracking content assets, digital ad schedules, team and client communications and accounting requires a new way of access and collaborative tools. And that led us to develop these innovative agency tools inside our new Advantage AQUA product.

Creative ad agency and digital agency software from Advantage AQUA.

2017 is an exciting time for digital agencies to organize larger teams and collaborative external partners. “For 38 years Advantage has been partnering with agency clients of all types to listen and respond with innovative tools that help them scale as markets evolve so quickly,” says Coulter. “We are here to support our agency clients with evolving and creative workflow products, incredible software support, training and installation, and an attitude of ‘where can we take you next?’ that is unfound anywhere in the agency business technology sector.”

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