The media buyer and the media planner have two of the hardest jobs at any agency. How much of the audience can we buy for the budget we have? How hard will we need to negotiate with the media? How intense will the reconciliation be? How close did we hit our targets?

“We work so closely with media buyers and media planners at our agency clients because we want to develop our Advantage AQUA software to mirror how they actually do their jobs with respect to media and media management,” said Ellen Coulter of Advantage Software. “It’s a tough dance between the strategy, the planning, the tight budgets and timelines and the ultimate measurement of performance. These agency professionals need software to place, hold, buy and record campaign results…in one place.”

Agency media buyer and media planner software from AQUA Advantage.

Managing Digital Media Inside Agency Software

So it’s a given that we have developed our Advantage AQUA software as a direct extension of today’s modern agency planner and agency buyer. “Our software workflow is the same workflow that these agency professionals use everyday to achieve success for their marketers and clients,” added Coulter. “Our software must have the features and unique characteristics that enhance the media professional’s job so they can perform efficiently time after time.”

Building the Ultimate Digital Media Management Hub

“Agencies tell us everyday how they work and what they need to be more efficient,” says Coulter. “Our job is to always develop ou  Advantage AQUA software to complement their tasks while streamlining communication and data management across the agency.” There are key features inside Advantage AQUA that help media buyers and media planners perform their roles in the most efficient and profitable manner possible. For example,

  • Update order details at any time, before, after or during order placement;
  • Manage vendor and rep details from the orders without having to go back to the maintenance modules;
  • Build media quotes, orders, revisions and cancellations, then blast them to vendor reps through email;
  • Approve orders for billing online;
  • View orders by Job and get immediate access to creative and other documents directly from the screen;
  • View and approve related vendor invoices and see payments that have been made;
  • Reconcile media orders to match actual costs collected and keep your liability in check.

Agency media reconciliation agency software from AQUA Advantage.

“One of the best parts of our Advantage AQUA software is importing the reported data from an agency’s 3rd party ad server into the software for reporting and analysis,” says Coulter. “Then easily attach those results to the media plan or campaign to use the data sets for digital results reporting. It’s fast, easy and fun to use!”

We appreciate the hundreds of media planners and media buyers that we help on a daily basis with AQUA Advantage. At any time you can send us feedback and suggestions on how to improve these tools to help you improve your individual performance.

You can schedule a free demo of the Advantage AQUA Digital Media Management program by calling 800-841-2078 or You can also complete our Contact Form here.