2017 is the year that your agency stops scrambling for last-minute creative reviews and approvals and automates the entire agency creative review and approval process. Finally!

“We are so excited about launching Advantage Proofing with AQUA at the end of January,” said Ellen Coulter, President, Advantage Software.

What Does Creative Approval & Review Do for Your Agency?

“This is a game changer for every type of agency that has an approval and review process,” says Coulter. “Advantage Proofing will streamline and automate the creative approval, review and proofing process.”

Agency proofing and review software from Advantage AQUA.

  • Don’t miss a step – creative reviews are automatically routed to agency team members without the client “seeing” early revisions and eliminates publishing without approvals.
  • Meet deadlines – every agency team member is notified automatically with comments and version updates and you can comment and work directly in the activity feed.
  • Keep projects moving forward – Advantage Proofing will speed up your project proofing and approval process because all team members are notified as the project nears final approval.

“Advantage Proofing inside AQUA is built for agency teams and really beneficial for regulated industries and their advertising requirements,” said Coulter. “Our automated workflows keep creative projects on deadline and flowing smoothly through your agency approval process, and each approval has documented steps to the final approval.”

Advantage Proofing was designed to help agency creative teams deliver approved assets faster.

  • Online proofing – the markup and feedback tools you need to get timely feedback so you can deliver assets faster – Images, video, documents, even HTML5 banner ads.Agency software creative proofing and review with Advantage AQUA.
  • Review & approval workflows – keep Reviewers accountable, and get assets approved 82% faster using automated workflows built around your creative production processes.
  • Real time activity feed – know what’s being worked on and where assets are in the production process. Be notified and kept up to date on the things that matter.

For more information on Advantage Proofing with AQUA, please contact Tina Hussion at tina.hussion@gotoadvantage.com or call 800-841-2078. We look forward to helping your agency grow in 2017.