“This is a first of its kind media conference for all things media for agency media buyers, media planners and media management pros…it’s everything media for every media professional at your agency.” – Ellen Coulter, President, Advantage Software

Integration of media into the Advantage Software platform is what AQUACon 2017 is all about. There will be a great deal of best practices, tips, demonstrations and ask-the-experts time at this powerful 3-day media conference for media professionals.

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“In addition to all the new tools inside AQUA Advantage, we’ll be showing you how to use the latest released modules to kickstart your integrated agency experience,” says Coulter. “This media management conference is designed for long-time or new Advantage users that want to see how a fully integrated media and agency management system operate to help you do a better job.”

The 2017 AQUACon agency media buyer and media management conference from Advantage Software.

AQUACon 2017 is more than attending sessions. It is a gathering of the minds where you will learn about new AQUA tools to engage, to manage and to streamline your agency’s operations. Peers can exchange ideas and build new relationships.

“We encourage everyone to share agency initiatives and best practices and to communicate with others to grow your professional network,” added Coulter. “We’ve dedicated an entire track on each day just for off-line networking. Connect, learn and return to your agency with a wealth of information!”

AQUACon 2017 Media Management Conference
September 24 – 26, 2017
Renaissance Asheville Hotel
Asheville, NC
$498 per person until June 30, 2017

If you are an existing Advantage customer, please click here to learn more about the Media Management Conference, registration and all other details. We hope to see you in Asheville this September!