We consistently review and enhance our agency management software to adapt to the growing needs and demands of today’s modern agency. “Our new partnership with Centro’s Basis software integrated into AQUA Advantage will genuinely make media buying reconciliation simpler for our agency customers,” said Ellen Coulter, president with Advantage Software. “Centro’s Basis software is the only SaaS solution that boosts team and campaign performance by seamlessly unifying programmatic advertising alongside digital media planning, buying and optimization.”

How Media Buying Reconciliation Just Got Simpler

Agencies using AQUA Advantage can now cleanly absorb media buying and delivery data generated from using Basis — streamlining the resources needed for reconciliation.Centro Basis software is now integrated into ad agency management software AQUA Advantage for media buying reconciliation.

“This is great news for all AQUA users because the reconciliation process for media buys can now use data as the primary driver for the reconciliation,” added Coulter. “No more manual calculations or digital adjustments to make media buys balance. Import the data from Basis and AQUA does all of the reconciliation work for you!”

New Features & Benefits to Simplify Your Work Routine

So what does this new integration of Basis software do for AQUA Advantage media buying users?

  • Cleanly absorbs media buying and delivery data generated from using Basis — streamlining the resources needed for reconciliation;
  • Enables users to consolidate campaign media data and tailor it with the codes their finance teams use in AQUA.
  • Reduces the manual labor for data entry to streamline resources needed for reconciliation.
  • Empowers agencies with accurate, real-time reporting available on-demand because it tracks media delivery data daily and verifies it with contracts, no matter the buying tactic — fixed CPMs or dynamic bid pricing.
  • Gives marketers a single system of record to fulfill their research, planning, buying, optimization, reporting and reconciliation needs.

Ad agency media buying reconciliation software with Centro Basis and AQUA Advantage.

“Advantage and Centro share a mission to build one of the most sophisticated software ecosystems for agencies and advertisers,” said Coulter. “We admire Centro’s foresight in creating technology that elegantly blends together the day-to-day tasks of media professionals and naturally integrates with agencies’ existing software infrastructures.”

This gives agency campaign teams the most accurate reflection of what has been delivered by publishers, whether it’s a direct-buy or through real-time bidding channels. Agencies that outsource programmatic buying to different partners can also manage these vendors within Basis with the option to buy with a fixed or dynamic CPM.

For more information on how Centro’s Basis software and AQUA Advantage can empower your agency, please contact Tina Hussion at tina.hussion@gotoadvantage.com or call 800-841-2078.