What are the five top characteristics of the ultimate agency software training center? And where can you find the full resources, access to experts and support to help you excel? “We developed our agency software training center to serve as an active component of helping our agencies maximize their Advantage software investment and realize incredible ROI,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “We view training and support as one of the most important, on-going aspects that we offer at Advantage.”The Advantage University Training Center in Mooresville allows teams to train in a focused environment completely dedicated to your training success.

5 Top Characteristics of the Ultimate Agency Software Training Center

  1. Extreme focus on the way an agency works. It’s been more than 35 years since we started the building blocks of Advantage Software and working with agencies of all types and all sizes. “More than any other agency software partner, we know the agency environment, their workflow and their personnel roles,” adds Coulter. “Our Advantage backbone is inside over 800 agencies because we get what they need and we give them what they want to grow and thrive.”
  2. Collaborative approach to training and support. “One of our best features at Advantage is that we work, train and support our agency clients through a collaborative approach,” said Coulter. “By fostering personal relationships and engaging our agency clients to work in harmony with us, we can teach them to master the software and emerge as more productive and more collaborative agency team members.”Advantage Training Center experience can give teams the same skill-honing focus to take it to the next level and give the winning edge.
  3. Technology focused with full training center equipment. Our Advantage training center is the most fully-equipped agency training center in the country! Technology? Yes! Every training attendee has his or her own Dell workstation and the technology and Internet access is through the roof!
  4. Incredible trainers and support team members. “We have always been the leader in providing exceptional training and support to our agency clients,” added Coulter. “Our training and support team members live with our software products every day. They are true experts and our agencies rely on them every day to provide support and answers.”
  5. A proven training course program. Well, we built the software so we are the absolute experts in knowing how to train our agency clients. “Our training course programs evolve with the demands and needs of an evolving agency marketplace,” adds Coulter. “We develop training curriculum that 100% mirrors the needs or desires of how the agency will best use our software programs.”

The Advantage training room is equipped with HD projector, Dell workstations, and wide-screen flat panel monitors for each student.Our training center is also built for maximum networking, small group breakouts and auditorium-style group learning. We also have a wonderful dedicated kitchen and cafe/lounge area for all attendees.

At the core of most successful agencies is AQUA Advantage agency software. Take AQUA Advantage on a test drive today. Request a free demo here. Or you can call our AQUA agency team at 800-841-2078 or email sales@gotoadvantage.com. We look forward to helping your agency grow to a new level of awesomeness when your group enrolls in our North Carolina-based agency software training center!