As agencies grow and become more successful, it is normal to satisfy each software need with a specific program that takes care of that need.  You may start with an accounting package, then add a timesheet package and maybe a schedule package. Before long you have several different software packages hobbled together to run your agency.  Does it work?  Sure. But you’ll always have the extra steps between programs because nothing is integrated.

You make the business decision to implement a fully integrated, enterprise level software package.  You watch the demos, and realize the benefits of an integrated system. Now what?

“The secret to better agency communication, scheduling and workflow is integration.” – Ellen Coulter, president, Advantage Software

“Our Advantage AQUA agency software is fully integrated, meaning that we cover every aspect of your agency’s workflow and communications inside one complete software system,” says Coulter. “It’s our superior implementation teams that take the time to understand your agency’s workflow and fully integrate our software into your agency environment.”

Ad agency software Advantage AQUA features a chat room for stronger team member communication.

Your Agency’s Most Important Integration

Agency team members don’t want change for the sake of change. Routines are formed and people become accustomed to how the various components function so they can complete their workflow requirements.

“We help our agencies solve pain points and communication problems through understanding the way your agency works and showing you how our integrated software can improve team member productivity and job satisfaction,” said Coulter. “We’ve seen our software integrated into agencies that then thrive and greatly improve their team’s performance and communication.”

Benefits from Integration

  • Resource and client asset management
  • Each team member knows their specific assignments
  • Management has overall visibility of schedules
  • Moving communications from email into AQUA dashboards
  • Streamlined and on-the-fly timekeeping
  • Organized workflow for every agency task, person and project – Chat Room, too!
  • Automated workflow resolves mistakes, removes lost emails and introduces total transparency
  • Coming soon – integrated digital asset markups through ConceptShare!

Ad agency software Advantage AQUA will be integrating with ConceptShare.

“One of our favorite parts of the integration of our software into the agency environment is that within two weeks team members are flying around the interface and enjoying the access to every piece of a client’s business,” added Coulter. “The integration removes the urge for an agency team member to go and stand in someone’s door until they do what they are supposed to do. Plus it’s much more friendlier!”

For more information on consultation services and how Advantage can assist with implementation and training, contact Tina Hussion at or call 800-841-2078.