The latest in Broadcast Media automation is available now in Advantage!

Everything is about to change in the world of media automation with the latest version of AQUA!  Phase II of our new broadcast media module is available now and contains a key media buying feature, the Broadcast Worksheet.

Market Schedule2

Our new version gives buyers the core features needed to plan and buy media in a single system!   Our suite of media products now includes planning, goals, research, the new broadcast worksheet, and vendor invoice matching and approval.

Are you ready to simplify and streamline processes and help your bottom-line at the same time?  Our new products are modern, robust, easy-to-use, fully integrated with everything you do, and cost effective!  Realize the benefits of integration immediately.  No more importing or exporting.  Fully integrated with accounting and the media manager.  Tons of great reporting.  Currently integrated with Nielsen ratings, we’re working on expanding to include more.  This version includes spot TV and radio, but we’re not stopping there.  National is on the way.

“Everything we do is based on customer input and feedback”, says Ellen Coulter, CEO of Advantage Software.  “Our recent AQUA Media conference was a fantastic source of that type of feedback and we’ll continue to evolve and grow this product based on what we hear from clients as they begin to use the software”.

What’s next?  Phase III is in progress now and includes electronic RFPs for all media types, post buy analysis and more.  It won’t be long.  Stay tuned!

Check out our media management page for more details or just contact us for a free demo!