As quickly as agency clients were pushed, or pulled, into the digital space, a need for scheduling, tracking, adjusting, reporting and billing digital campaigns entered the agency lifeblood.

“As the largest agency software developer and provider, we embraced the need for our agency clients to have total scheduling, management, reporting and accounting capabilities for digital, inbound and social media,” said Ellen Coulter, president of The Advantage Software Company. “Agencies talk about offline and online marketing and advertising, but the truth is that digital campaigns are in higher demand on agency client’s and brand’s strategies.”

Full Circle Digital Media Inclusion

Ad agency and digital agency software from Advantage Software Company.“We have had discussions with some of our agency clients that are embracing digital media in a big way,” said Coulter. “At first some were thinking that digital was a bit foreign with the new statistics, measurement metrics and terminology, but good agencies know how to adapt and we have helped many with implementing our digital media tools.”

Agency software that keeps ahead of the digital trends – We all know that sometimes a ‘trend’ happens overnight and agencies are asked to respond before internal systems can allow it! “Our new Aqua Advantage software was designed with digital media, tracking and reporting in mind,” adds Coulter. “Our development teams saw the impact that digital would have so we integrated the digital capabilities into our software to work in tandem with our traditional media programs.”

Advance project management for digital media projects – Aqua Advantage software has incredible and powerful project management capabilities to handle the needs of a digital and full-service agency shop. “We developed more tools to support the project flow and management process while automating and centralizing all project tasks,” said Coulter.AQUA CR

Brand new media manager for all things digital – “Our new Media Manager in Aqua Advantage completely changes how you manage traditional media transactions,” said Coulter. “From a single, centralized module, you can send quote requests and communicate with vendors online, deliver orders electronically with related documents or files, approve billing, make order changes, actualize orders, and more!”

Accounting system is specialized to handle digital – “We are so excited about the powerful accounting system capabilities that now handle digital media transactions,” added Coulter. “No more missed billings or contract renewals and invoicing monthly fees is now a breeze with Aqua.”

We invite you to learn more about Aqua Advantage software and how this incredible software can organize, manage and conquer your digital media needs. You can always call us at 1-800-841-2078 and request a free demo here.