Do you spend countless hours preparing reports for upcoming meetings? Are these man hours, many times, spent pulling the same data over and over again? What if Advantage AQUA could provide you with a way to get you off this endless cycle of wasted time by eliminating manual reporting altogether? After all, you’re too busy to be wasting your time.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

One of the many new, great features of Advantage AQUA is our simple and easy to use Dynamic Reports. These list-based reports are as easy to create as they are to interpret. So easy in fact that you will not need to invest tons of time to learn a new process. Just simply choose from a variety of predefined datasets and you are on your way to eliminating manual reports forever. What do you plan to accomplish with all this new free time?

Agency reporting in 2017 will never be easier by eliminating manual reporting with the use of Advantage AQUA's new dynamic reporting tools.Advantage AQUA also includes  Advantage Advanced Report Writer for those who want to take a deeper dive into their data. This tool helps streamline your efforts by letting you generate pre-formatted report templates to reuse as frequent as you’d like. Customization was not sacrificed, however, because here at Advantage we know how much that matters to you and your agency. Advanced report formatting features are included and can be altered at will using datasets.

Our beautiful dashboards are as much art as they are useful. If only you could view these reports on your mobile device. Well, with Webvantage, now you can, and just to be sure, we made sure iOS, Android, and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets were all covered.

Communicating with your clients is just as important as communicating with your employees. Many other agency software companies take this for granted, though. Here at Advantage, we do not. The Report Writer included in Advantage AQUA adds customizable A/R Invoice and Estimate capabilities for your convenience.

Simple, dynamic reporting has been made easier by eliminating manual reporting with Advantage AQUA's Report Writer.

As always, Advantage is here to help. To learn more about the Advanced and Dynamic Report Writers by viewing the available videos on the Advantage User Portal. For more information on consultation services and how Advantage can assist with implementation and training, contact Tina Hussion at