CSI Virtual MasterCardCSI Enterprises, Inc., a leader in innovative financial solutions for enterprises and business, announces its new alliance with Advantage Software. The CSI Virtual MasterCard® program will be offered as a “new feature” available through Advantage Software, designed by agencies for agencies.

The CSI Virtual MasterCard® Program is an electronic payment system that works with its customers’ existing accounts payable (A/P) systems. The solution provides security and control by generating unique “one-time” use credit card account numbers for each vendor payment.  It reduces A/P processing costs and offers cash rewards on all payments made through the program.

The program is offered at no cost and includes complete implementation services. Implementation includes full vendor enrollment support, maximizing vendor participation and minimizingThe CSI Virtual MasterCard the time commitment by the customer’s A/P personnel. CSI maintains an extensive database of participating advertising agency vendors which helps facilitate the rapid roll-out of the program.

“We are very pleased to partner with Advantage Software,” explained Keith Stone, CSI President/CEO. “Both CSI and Advantage are focused on delivering innovative A/P solutions to better assist our customers.”

CSI Virtual MasterCard“After hearing from our mutual clients about the success they have experienced with the CSI Virtual MasterCard® solution, we knew that a partnership would provide our clients with an extremely valuable tool,” explained Ellen Coulter, Advantage Software President. “The CSI Virtual MasterCard® Program is simpler and more efficient to deploy when integrated with our agency management software. We look forward to introducing this unique new feature to our clients and helping them understand the many benefits it has to offer.  We expect the first installations to follow April 2011 with a free overview and training webinars.”

To find out more details about incorporating the CSI Virtual MasterCard® with your Advantage agency management software, please contact Ellen Coulter at Advantage Software at 800.841.2078 or email ecoulter@gotoadvantage.com.