Advantage blue is revolutionizing how agencies and companies manage clients, projects, employees and resources…all focused on increasing efficiency and bottom-line profits.  The brand new release of Advantage blue and Webvantage blue includes many outstanding design and functionality features that focus on improved consistency and usability.

“We developed both Advantage blue and Webvantage blue based on the feedback from 600-plus agencies and businesses,” says Ellen Coulter, president of The Advantage Software Company.  “One of our main goals was to create the user menu structure to be the same whether our clients are using Advantage blue on an in-house server system or our web-based Webvantage blue.”





Both the Advantage blue and Webvantage blue programs are focused on an easy-to-use interface with quick access to manage the projects, employees, customers and agency resources.  “Our new blue software menu and navigation has exciting user features like a Navigator, a Bubble Bar, a Quick Access Toolbar and easy access to all apps and menus at the same time,” adds Coulter.

All of these powerful improvements will help your agency manage resources and increase profits more efficiently.  To arrange your personal tour of Advantage blue and Webvantage blue, please contact The Advantage Software Company at 1-800-841-2078 or visit our blue website at