It’s no secret or quiet discussion inside any agency that digital media management has disrupted routines and workflows while creating opportunities to super-serve client brands. “One of the single largest requests we have had from our agencies is the inclusion of digital media management with the latest releases of Advantage AQUA,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Planning, buying and analyzing digital media programs is vital to every agency’s bottom line as the demands pour in from clients needing increased digital spends.”

The Incredible Rise of Digital Media Budgets

As we entered 2016 back in January, agency and advertising predictions were that brands and marketers would increase digital advertising spending by as much as 80%. “Digital media planning, buying and reporting exploded this past year as a need with our agency clients to account for it inside their agency management software,” added Coulter. “We, of course, responded with incredible capacity to accommodate growing digital media budgets, purchasing and reporting in Advantage AQUA.”

Digital media management software with AQUA Advantage.

One of the largest trends that our agency clients saw in 2016 was the shrinking of offline ad budgets moving over to digital media. “We were ready when that trend picked up pace early in 2016,” said Coulter. “Through discussions with our agencies in 2015, we knew that accommodating digital media management inside our software would be mission critical as the new year would unfold.”

In 2016, the average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) combined. – Ellen Coulter, Advantage Software

Planning, Buying & Reporting Against Digital Media Spends

Brands and marketers jumped into digital media in 2015 without methods or software to track results against spend. “We saw this trend unfolding and discussions with our agency clients indicated that they needed our software to act and respond in the same manner as traditional media did,” said Coulter. “With that as our beginning point, we developed a complete digital media management section to complement the traditional offline media sections. The results in Advantage’s AQUA release this year have been phenomenal.”Digital media management tools and software with AQUA Advantage.

Forecasts for 2017 are that spending on digital media will surpass TV for the first time. “We are ready to accommodate agency and their client demands for planning, buying and reporting against digital media,” says Coulter. “And we are strengthening our digital media management software functionalities to have the flexibility for the evolving needs of brands and marketers expanding their digital media footprints.”

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