We have very exciting news about our new media management products. “We get very excited when we first begin developing a new product or release right after we collaborate with our agencies,” says Ellen Coulter, CEO of Advantage Software. “The next time we are just as excited is when we push the new product or release out to our agency clients, which is where we are today.”

Phase I of the New Media Management is Ready for Beta Testing!

As you’ve probably heard, Advantage AQUA will contain a complete Broadcast system that is being released in several phases. This is a new and modern set of tools designed to streamline and simplify the entire broadcast media process, while keeping it all in a single, centralized system. Imagine that!

Just like other modules in Advantage, our new Broadcast tools are feature-rich and robust from the start, all based on input and collaboration with agency partners.

  • Phase I contains the Broadcast Research Tool for Spot TV and Spot Radio, which is fully integrated with Nielsen Ratings data.Agency media buying and media management software release with AQUA Advantage.
  • With this new tool, you can run a variety of reports and make buying decisions that can be processed through Media Planning now.
  • Create orders and electronically deliver them to vendors.
  • Plus, receive electronically accepted and signed orders all without printing, downloading or uploading a single document.

Phase I also contains a complete Vendor Invoice Matching module. Starting with invoice delivery, everything is fully automated. Vendors can email invoices and related PDF’s and Advantage will pick them up and process them automatically, without user interaction! Once processed, use special tools to ‘Match’ to orders and then analyze the details with just a few clicks.

In addition to these core processes, we’ve added the necessary maintenance modules to assist in properly running each area. Our AQUA v6.70.02 Release Notice outlines all the changes in this release.

We are Looking for Beta Testers Now!

Due to the extensive nature of the enhancements included, we are running a limited beta test and selecting agencies that can engage and work with us on specific tests. You will receive hands-on training and dedicated assistance during focused testing. You will also be able to provide your feedback that may make it into the live version!

If you are interested, contact Colleen Schwab at cschwab@gotoadvantage.com. We’ll answer any questions you may have and will send you our Beta Testing Guidelines, which will contain information you’ll need to help make a decision on beta testing.