Why on earth would an agency hire a digital marketing agency? What forces in the advertising and marketing world have collided to make an agency do such a thing? What does a smaller digital marketing agency even know about the traditional agency model or business? “Those aren’t the real reasons why we are seeing traditional agencies hiring the special talents and capabilities of a purely digital marketing agency,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “As quickly as the digital channels are evolving, the talent and personnel required to keep pace with that evolution is being found in a purely digital agency environment.”

Agency software giant Advantage Software works with traditional and digital agencies.

Benefits of Your Agency Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

  1. You stay digitally intelligent and relevant to your client base. “Our work with digital agencies has shown us time and time again that their world is fluid, always evolving and ever changing like a moving target,” said Coulter. “They have specialized resources that are on top of digital needs like SEO, social media, cross-channel marketing and social advertising. Let this type of agency complement yours while keeping your edge with your client base.”
  2. Add the digital capabilities to broaden your agency service offerings. If one thing is for sure, the shape of traditional marketing now includes every aspect of digital channels and digital footprints. “We like to tell our traditional agency clients that they can consider broadening their total agency offerings by partnering with a truly digital agency,” said Coulter. “And we here at Advantage have developed our AQUA agency software to accommodate both the traditional and digital media outlets for media buying, planning and purchasing.”
  3. Digital can help your client advertising strategy shorten the customer voyage. There are powerful digital marketing programs and tools that can blend seamlessly with your traditional Digital and traditional agency software with Advantage AQUA Software.agency strategies for client campaigns. “Sure, why not mix in purely digital advertising elements like programmatic advertising and automated marketing strategies,” adds Coulter. “We are here to help support your agency with the world’s strongest agency software that addresses both traditional and digital media worlds.”

The advertising and marketing world will always need the “genius” of advertising agency strategy, planning, creative direction and total account responsibility. But why not consider strengthening your overall agency portfolio by partnering with a great digital agency in your city or state.

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