The Advantage Software Company released today that Silicon Valley-based Record Integrity has formed a partnership with Advantage to integrate their revolutionary time tracking and recording App, RecordTime, into AQUA v6.70.02.

“Our agency clients are always searching for innovative tools that will increase their efficiency while increasing revenue opportunities,” said Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Our new partnership with Record Integrity introduces an easy, fun and interactive tool that solves the age old problem of agency team members putting off, forgetting to complete or hastily entering their time.”

According to a 2014 AffinityLive study, an average of 735.5 hours of time goes unrecorded by employees every year. At a billable rate of $100/hour, that’s over $70,000 in unrecognized revenue per employee.

Agency software AQUA Advantage integrates RecordTime time recording App software into their latest version.

“The RecordTime App reminds agency team members throughout the day to record what they’re working on by simply speaking into their smart phone while those records are saved to the calendar of their choice,” says Coulter. “Then those records are synced from their phones into the AQUA Timesheet module capturing dates, hours, function and comments automatically. This eliminates the need for agency team members to recall time spent on projects and having to key in their data.”

One of the prominent features of this integration is that even if a user is unable to complete their timesheet, someone else can do it for them because they’ll have an accurate record of everything worked on throughout each day that they can refer to. No data is ever deleted from the user’s phone so a complete time history is always available.Agency time tracking and time recording App integration is in AQUA Advantage's latest version.

“Using the RecordTime App does not require any connections or modifications to existing timekeeping systems,” says Coulter. “This powerful App incorporates both sight and sound gaming elements to develop winning streaks and to earn badges, which is the fun part, and it causes zero interference with a user’s smart phone.”

The new integration partnership will help agency team members capture their entire trackable client billing time while noticeably increasing the agency’s billable hours.

RecordTime App integration is available to all AQUA v6.70.02 users and is sold and supported by Advantage. At $10.00 per user per month, capturing even one more billable hour per month pays for the App and more.

Contact your Advantage Sales Representative for more information on how to get the new RecordTime App!