Agency project management with Excel sheets is no way to inspire, to collaborate and to engage a team with your client base. “Excel as a database program was just not developed to be used as the primary data tracking and sharing tool for an agency,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “And using Excel for your agency’s project management can literally be a disaster.”

So what is the solution for a growing agency to manage and track workflow, profitability, billing and media? And how does a busy agency share all of this with a demanding and time-sensitive client base?

“Advantage Project Management tools breaks through excessive time and over-budget project scenarios to streamline, automate and track projects from start to completion.” – Ellen Coulter, Advantage Software

Eliminate Agency Project Management Nightmares

Arrgghhhh! Some agencies have separate accounting, timesheet, scheduling and media software packages. But none of them link to each other and none of them sync with each other. So your team wastes time because nobody is integrated with any data or each other. Imagine logging in to your agency project management system and seeing a screen and dashboard like the one below. Calgon, take me away!

Rev up your agency project management with Advantage AQUA.


Our Advantage AQUA platform removes extra steps, wasted time, aggravated team members and individual silos of knowledge exchanges that for seamless communication and project management inside your agency.

  • Project schedules are visible to everyone, eliminating questions on timing, responsibilities and roles.
  • See the financial status of any agency project in real time to avoid over-budget scenarios.
  • Allow better planning and allocation of resources, leading to improved workflow and efficiencies across the agency.
  • Instantly know your agency workload. You can access data immediately to identify under-utilized team members and to know when to hire new talent or bring in freelance help.
  • Track all conversations and work communications in one central place. This eliminates “he said, she said” and water cooler conversations about deadlines and assignments.

“The speed to market that is placed on the modern agency of today requires instant access to data, resources, creative assets and team members,” adds Coulter. “Our Advantage AQUA program can help transform your agency from disparate data systems, out-of-sync agency team members and actually revv up your company’s performance!”

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