There are two evil culprits that rob agencies across the country of their valuable time and resources. No, it’s not binging Mad Men or GOT. “Two of the biggest challenges that face our agency clients are time management and resource and task management,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “We are consistently hearing about the pain of lost and inaccurate time entry and the struggles of management of projects and resources that drag down agency profits and efficiencies.”

Rid Your Agency of the Two Evil Time-Stealing Culprits

Trying to cover up poor time and resource management at your agency will eventually catch up with everybody. “Your agency’s veil of transparency will run thinner and thinner over time  if critical time and resource management challenges are not addressed,” adds Coulter. “And that is what we’re hearing and seeing from agency partners both large and small.”Agency time management and project management solutions from AQUA Advantage.

So the evil time-stealing culprits of time and resource management cause your agency to do things that jeopardize your credibility, like flat our lying to your clients, over-promising and under-delivering, telling clients what they want to hear, being defensive, and the list goes on. “Your agency credibility, as everybody knows, is a major adhesive to keep your agency and client relationship strong, transparent and fully functional,” says Coulter. “Our role is to develop and give you cutting-edge tools to build more internal efficiency while super-serving your agency clients.”

So What’s the Solution to Eliminating These Agency Culprits?

Time Management Solution

To maximize revenue, time entry must be simple and accurate. We’re introducing a new mobile app (fee applies) that helps agency staff members record their time using the smart phone that never leaves their side. And, it’s fully integrated with and supported by AQUA Advantage. Using this innovative process, data entry is practically eliminated! Revenue is increased by recovering un-reported or under-reported billable time. “Our time management tool will really produce the positive results you are looking for to eliminate wasted staff member time,” adds Coulter. “And the easy functionality and minimal effort to enter a team member’s time will be a game changer.”

Resource and Task Management Solution

In order to deliver agency projects quickly and efficiently, you must have the ability to manage them with ease. Our newAgency project management solution from AQUA Advantage ends poor time management. Kanban and Scrum “boards” take the tedium out of physically managing tasks and resources using the agile methodology. We’ll show you how these new boards can help you fly through project management like never before. “These two project management tools were developed and integrated into AQUA Advantage based directly from feedback from agency partners,” said Coulter. “These two new tools can eliminate the pain for agency’s struggling to manage team member time entry and resource and task management assignments.”

Now, an Agency Project Management Conference to Help Rid these Evil Culprits!

You’ll be the first to see it and even try it out for free at this year’s AQUA Advantage Project Management Mini-conference! The mini-conference takes place October 8-10, 2017, at the Asheville Renaissance Hotel in beautiful Asheville, NC. You’ll see how this revolutionary time entry mobile app can eliminate painful time tracking. You’ll see how Kanban and Scrum boards, integrated into AQUA, can eliminate resource and task management pain inside your agency. Get the details of our Project Management Mini-Conference today! We will show you how to eliminate these two evil agency culprits for good and forever!

AQUA Advantage Project Management Mini-Conference

October 8-10, 2017

Asheville Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, NC

Get the full details here!

For a demo on how Kanban can integrate into your AQUA Advantage program, please contact Tina Hussion at or call 800-841-2078.