AQUA includes great new features that increase flexibility and usability within the Project Schedule module!

These new features are specifically designed to easily automate complex digital projects and simplify scheduling of any project.  These features are also available in Sapphire v6.60.05.

What does this new version do for you?

  • Better handles larger and more complex schedules required by digital agencies while further simplifying how traditional projects are managed.
  • Simplifies how predecessors work so that all users can experience the flexibility they provide.  Manual manipulation of predecessors and order numbers are eliminated with the addition of the “link” and “linkplus” tools.
  • Organizes the schedule visually by providing parent-child task groups and a matching grid numbering system based on PM standards.
  • Minimizes key strokes by allowing more automated schedule manipulation using features like “drag and drop”.
  • Puts creative briefs and other information at the fingertips of team members with the addition of task-level documents.  Documents appear on their task lists, no more drilling down to the job jacket.

Want more information?

Watch the video – Download it from our Users Portal.
New Project Schedule using Predecessors and “link” and “linkplus” tools.

New Project Schedule Layout

The Quick Edit feature allows you to quickly manipulate schedules with hundreds of tasks at once.

Quick Edit