Advantage Agency Software gives your ad agency powerful data reporting capabilities to help make agency hiring decisions.There are several indicators that help you realize when it’s time to think about adding staffing resources within your agency.  Some of these indicators include growing overtime hours with current staff, growing or backlogged projects from current clients, your agency billing multiplier has risen above industry norm, and possibly your agency debit is at a level that is “safe” to assume additional risk.

When considering additional staff, determining when and who to hire are critical decisions. Do you need freelance talent for short term bottlenecks, or full-time staff to manage permanent growth?  Having access to your agency’s financial and workload data proves critical to helping you analyze these tough questions.

Advantage provides accurate, real-time information on workload requirements and employee utilization allowing you to project future staffing needs – without extensive data entry.  Here are some of our Advantage software tools that assist will assist you in making these challenging decisions: Ad Agency data reporting capabilities are powerful inside Advantage Software!

  • Project Schedules:  Plan and forecast workload using Project Schedules to manage approved and estimated work. The intelligent “Employee Finder” automatically analyzes existing workload and recommends the best candidate for project tasks.
  • Workload Management:  Assign staff members to projects by team or role with complete visibility into individual availability.  Workload ‘Alerts’ provide warnings on over or under-utilized employees.
  • Productivity Dashboards:  Get the ‘big picture’ on current and future hiring needs using productivity dashboard tools that provide key metrics instantly. Workload projections provide information as to whether to add full time or freelance staff.

If you would like more information about Advantage Software and our powerful agency financial, resource and workload report capabilities, please call us at 800.841.2078 or contact our Regional Sales Managers: Dominique Lacerte or Mike McGee. We look forward to working with your agency soon!