Effective December 1, 2016, the US Department of Labor has new overtime regulations as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in regards to overtime pay and reporting.

“Right off the bat, you should consult your financial and legal team and visit the Department of Labor website at https://www.dol.gov/whd/overtime/final2016/faq.htm.” – Ellen Coulter, President, Advantage Software.

Advantage v670.00.17 or higher is prepared to assist you with this new FLSA requirement.

“We prepared an extensive FLSA Reporting Users Guide (download the Guide here) Download the FLSA Resource Guide from Advantage Software.that explains how you can use existing features in Advantage for reporting required information, tracking overtime hours, missing time alerts, and submitting hours worked by employee to your payroll company,” said Coulter. “Using the Advanced and Dynamic Report Writers will enable the preparation on FLSA reports to comply with these new regulations.”

Download the FLSA Reporting Users Guide Here

“We have also provided a preformatted Advanced Report and a Dynamic Report Dashboard that can be imported into your Advantage database,” added Coulter. “V670.00.17 or higher includes updates to the Employee Time Approval dataset required to print the preformatted reports.”

FLSA Reporting update to Advantage Software.

Approval of overtime can be a part of the process of paying and tracking overtime. This can be handled electronically utilizing the Timesheet Approval application. The Timesheet Approval application allows the supervisor to review individual employee’s time records that have been submitted for approval and time records that have not yet been submitted.

“We are very sensitive to changes in federal reporting documentation that affects our agency clients,” said Coulter. “And we are responding swiftly to assist our agency clients in maintaining compliance through the use of Advantage Software.”

For questions about the new FLSA Reporting Users Guide and how this interacts with Advantage Software, please contact Tina Hussion at tina.hussion@gotoadvantage.com or call 800-841-2078.