How can a software dashboard power your agency? Isn’t a dashboard just a basic screenshot of my agency’s calendar and to-do lists? A dashboard is a dashboard is a dashboard. *Yawn*

Our Webvantage AQUA executive dashboard is the fastest time-to-agency-insight on the market today. It’s an agency game changer for sure. – Ellen Coulter, president, Advantage Software

“Let us begin by saying that our new Webvantage AQUA executive dashboard is the one management tool that empowers everyone in the agency with accurate, beautifully-presented data that’s easy to share with your team,” says Coulter. “This new executive dashboard literally lets you keep your finger on the moving pulse of your agency’s financial condition with some key workspace objects like billing trends, cash balance, current ratio and direct expenses.”Agency software executive dashboard from AQUA Advantage.

Why The Executive Dashboard Gives You Power

One of the key elements behind the development of Webvantage AQUA was to give our agency clients the direct access and instant picture of the state of your agency. “Instantly get a picture of the ups and downs of billing using the Billing Trends object and get more detail with the Gross Income objects where you can drill down to details and even see the related invoices,” says Coulter. “Just imagine in your mind that these various pipelines of critical data are being fed to your executive dashboard with a continuous supply of data allowing you to instantly visualize key aspects that help you make decisions.”

Download Our PowerPoint Presentation on Executive Dashboards in Advantage AQUA Agency Software.

Download Our PowerPoint Presentation on Executive Dashboards

“It’s all about the cash.”  You need to know where you are in terms of cash, at all times. Use the Cash Balance object to get real-time cash balances and monitor deposits and payments. At the same time, monitor your current ratio and get real-time alerts on write-offs being made on large purchase as they occur!

The Webvantage AQUA executive dashboard allows you to drill deeply into your agency’s data and present visual displays to easily convey the state and status of every job, employee, client and detail inside your agency.

Cash balance snapshot inside the Executive Dashboard in AQUA Webvantage agency software.

5 Major Benefits of Using Our Executive Dashboard

  1. Totally customizable. You connect the data points that you want to see.
  2. All in one place. Every aspect of your agency reports to your dashboard.
  3. Drill into detail. Need more numbers? Instantly drill into deeper data details.
  4. Totally intuitive. No need for special training. Point, click and go!
  5. Great graphics. Visually organize data into easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Learn more about how key management tools provide insight into your business at any time without waiting for monthly financial reports by contacting Tina Hussion at or call 800-841-2078. We look forward to showing you the awesome power of executive dashboards inside Webvantage AQUA!