Not accounting for billable time or losing billable time only affects the profitability of your agency. “Knowing where your talent is spending their time is imperative to managing agency profitability,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “Measuring the profitability and efficiency of your agency team members is of the utmost importance as we meet and talk with agency leaders on how Webvantage AQUA can help them run their agency well.”

Agency Employee Time vs. Actual Client Time

One of the core features of  Webvantage AQUA is the incredible analysis dashboards that offer our agencies two different perspectives on measuring team member time.

Ad Agency employee time management software with AQUA Webvantage from Advantage Software.

“Our Employee Utilization dashboard measures employee productivity and realization by department including enough detail to see exactly what’s going on and where you may have challenges,” says Coulter. “And our Client Time analysis takes that same employee time data and arranges it in views that allow agency leaders to analyze estimate, actual fee time and non-billable time with all the details you need to understand the outcomes.”

  • Measure quantity and trends for actual time posted
  • Analyze employee utilization using a series of dashboards in real time by month, quarter or year
  • Gain insight into how clients are utilizing your most important asset
  • Up to date tracking of fee time for Service Fee Clients
  • Detail tracking of write offs of time by employee and client

“If you know where your time is being spent in your agency, you know where your money is being spent.” – Ellen Coulter, president, Advantage Software

Ad agency client time management software with AQUA Webvantage from Advantage Software.

Webvantage AQUA is developed for agencies that are powered by people, incredible service to clients and profitability. Our executive dashboard lets you start out simple and take deep data dives and the click of your mouse. This is instant access and visual insight into your agency business in real time to solve real problems.

Learn more about how key management tools provide insight into your business at any time without waiting for monthly financial reports by contacting Tina Hussion at or call 800-841-2078. We look forward to showing you the awesome power of executive dashboards inside Webvantage AQUA!