When your current agency software needs support and service, where do you turn? Do you send up an emergency flare? Do you call a nebulous phone number and hope that somebody answers your plea for help voicemail? Or do you just ignore your problem and hope that the next agency software update will fix your issue?

“For more than 36 years, we have developed an extensive software and support system and team for our agency partners,” says Ellen Coulter, president of Advantage Software. “It’s one thing to always be developing useful and requested updates and innovations to our software, but it’s the support and service module that keeps our agency partners up and running and moving forward.”

Your Agency Software Relies on Great Support & Service

Ad agency software technical support and training with Advantage Software.“We strive to develop and deliver remarkable software for our agency partners,” says Coulter. “But at the same time we are always training and building to provide remarkable software support and service because it always leads to overall improvements for our next version and update.”

Our agency software support and service includes five real action items that we instill into our support teams:

  1. Numerous ways for agency team members to reach us. Advantage Software support teams use email, phone, social media, job tickets and on-site visits for support, new software implementations and training. Our support teams are available 12 hours per day to offer solutions and guidance!
  2. Always listening. “Our agency software support teams are always listening to how our clients are using the software,” added Coulter. “It is vital to our company to learn how to improve the agency’s business and workflow and we do that by listening and monitoring their successes and their future needs.”
  3. Training. Training. Training. “One of our largest software support assets to each agency client is our extensive software training program,” says Coulter. “We train in person, online and on the phone to help our agency clients get the highest ROI from their software investment.”Ad agency software technical support from Advantage's AQUA agency management software.
  4. New updates and releases often. “Improving our software and introducing needed features are direct results of our agency clients interacting with our software support teams and communicating how to better use our software,” says Coulter. “We plan regular and routine new software releases and updates so our agency clients can become more empowered to spend more time on the things that they do best, rather than feeling frustrated and unproductive with non-functional software.”
  5. Implementation specialists. “We are expert software implementation specialists when it comes to switching our agency clients from a non-useful and non-productive software platform over to Advantage’s AQUA agency management software,” added Coulter. “We take the time to understand your agency workflow and build a course for maximum success with the new software transition.”

Our average support resolution time is only forty minutes. “Our approach to supporting and servicing our agency clients is to be proactive with training webinars and product demos,” says Coulter. “This active position keeps us in front of our agency clients and maintains a strong flow of communication to minimize any potential issues.”

At the core of most successful agencies is Advantage’s AQUA agency management software. Take AQUA on a test drive today.Request a free demo here. Or you can call our AQUA agency team at 800-841-2078 or email sales@gotoadvantage.com.