Spend more time creating, producing and delivering your product and less time sifting through the clutter and entering data using the tools that help streamline and optimize every process. Imagine a single portal for accessing time sheets, expense reports, calendars and tasks! AQUA’s integrated suite of tools is configured with agency end-users in mind. Whether you’re part of the creative department, an account management, a project management or a senior executive, AQUA delivers an easy, intuitive and personalized experience via any browser or mobile device. This drives higher adoption across the agency ensuring better compliance, data and operational efficiencies for the agency while maintaining one central data repository. Communicate, collaborate and take action on real-time data.


Personalize your Experience

Design your own Desktop, including colors. Even the dashboards have many customizable options, including columns and filters.

Schedule & Tasks

View your complete schedule for the day from a simple dashboard that you can access from anywhere, even your mobile device. You can auto, two-way sync with other calendaring tools to allow for the most accurate daily schedule.

Bookmark any key page, mark tasks complete and add time directly from the lists. Drill down to the project, task details and a full calendar where you can get more information when you need it.

Click and drag to re-organize tasks and assignments in the order you want. Due dates are clear – and in red when overdue. Take action right from the lists or task cards. Drill-down to see all task details including:

  • View task collaborators
  • View task documents
  • Add a comment and view a diary of all conversations
  • Add time
  • Mark as complete when finished.

An alert can automatically be sent to the next person on the schedule!

Review, Update, Approve!

Project Viewpoint

Access all your projects and directly link to alerts, documents, the creative brief, specifications, estimate, schedule and QvA status without drilling into the project.

  • Filters allow you to quickly reduce and expand the data.
  • Clear visual indicators let you know if you’re getting close to or going over budget.
  • Push alerts proactively inform when a project or task on a project goes over budget.
  • You can drill-down to Quote vs Actuals (QVA) to see project specific financials and status.

The context-based Options Menu is another way to gain quick and easy access to any project component from almost anywhere.  Jump to any area of the project with a quick click.

Time Sheets

With Advantage, you can achieve effortless time entry from anywhere with a few clicks from your web browser or your mobile device. Our agency software allows you to enter time daily in a format by week using a template, your task list or copying previous time entries.

View progress and hours allotted and remaining from the progress bar. Time is posted to projects immediately and can be compared to budget or project estimates. Variances are reported upon immediately. Advantage even tracks missing time and sends Email reminders and Alerts to keep you on schedule.

Expense Reports

  • Expense reporting is simple, efficient and completely integrated.
  • You can enter expenses and apply to client jobs or general agency categories for cash and company credit card expenditures. Credit card expenses can be imported to speed up data entry.
  • Mileage and other rates are inserted automatically.
  • Each entry lets you enter comments and upload copies of receipts.
  • You can send electronic receipts and other documents to your expense report from your mobile device.
  • Once submitted to your supervisor and approved, entries are ready for accounting to final approve and pay.
  • Approval status and payment details are available for every entry.
  • Expense reports and receipts are available electronically forever.

Go Mobile

With our native mobile apps, you can access your complete alerts, assignments and timesheets from anywhere and from almost any device.

Advantage software native mobile apps, you can access your complete schedule, tasks, assignments, and time sheets from anywhere