Advantage is full of tools that can automate just about any operational task. By automating and integrating these tasks into a single system, you can expect efficiency gains in every department and you can achieve better results all around.  Advantage allows you to harness the power of data and reap the benefits through a large variety of reporting tools and dashboards!

There are four major levels of reporting: Maintenance Reports, Forms, Status Reports, and Performance Reports. There are three different types of tools available to report on these levels: Standard Reports and Queries, Standard Dashboards, and User-Defined Reports and Dashboards. Using these options, you can create or generate hundreds or thousands of different reports and visual dashboards to meet your needs or the needs of your clients. Most reports export to Excel!

Maintenance Reports

Every maintenance area of the system includes a matching report or set of reports.  Most reports also export easily to Excel and other formats.  Vendor Maintenance is just one example.   This is a set of standard reports that are pre-defined with many different formatting options and filters.  This is an example of the flexibility you’ll find in all our reports.

  • Multiple formats
  • Multiple sort options
  • Multiple filters
  • Various display, export and delivery options

Every maintenance report area of the system includes a matching report or set of reports


Forms can be printed for things like estimates, purchase orders, media orders and invoices.  Each form printing application includes a variety of settings and options that are appropriate for the type of form and allow for a great detail of customization in layout and presentation of data.

Some forms can include an employee signature, and all forms can include your company logo and location information and can be printed or emailed to recipients. Standard comments and text can also be selected and varies by form and other key data.

Forms can be printed for things like estimates, purchase orders, media orders and invoices.


Invoices are in a class by themselves.  Our invoice formats include special features that allow for even more complex customization than standard forms such as purchase orders.  In addition to customization options, settings can be saved by client so that invoices can be produced, printed and even emailed to clients via paper or email with a single click.

Reporting Options & Formats

Advantage reporting is all about accessibility.  We’re focused on providing different options and formats that accommodate the needs of every kind of user on your staff and even your clients. Whether it is an accounting employee on a PC, a creative employee on a MAC, an account service employee or agency leader on a tablet or iPad, information can be delivered in a format that is effective and useful.  Options available include:

Standard Reports & Queries

These are printed reports and online queries that provide information in a specific area with specific goals in mind that include customization options.

A standard report window includes many different options that allow you to customize the output.  Most reports can be printed, emailed or exported to other formats.

A standard query window includes a filter and the ability to customize the view and export.  Some data can even be formatted from a query to export and then import into other systems.  Below is an example of a GL transaction query.

Standard Dashboards

Dashboards include many different format options and export to Excel.

Report Writer – User-Defined Reports & Dashboards

These reports are completely user-definable using unique ‘data sets’ that we provide for you. The data sets are pre-programmed groups of information that do much of the work for you. So you can just arrange the data and produce as many formats as you like.  The Advanced Report Writer allows you to create complex reports like the My Service Fee Reconciliation shown below.  The Dynamic Report Writer is simple enough for anyone to use, yet provides tons of flexibility.

Report writer dashboards – With every dynamic report you create, you can also design your own custom dashboards containing charts and other visually-oriented objects that can include multiple layers of information.

User defined reports that you create are available in Advantage or Webvantage under a single menu that you can organize by report type. Regardless of the area, the report criteria will pop up, and filter data is saved.

Dynamic Reports are simple, list-based reports that are easy to create using pre-defined datasets.  They include the list, export to Excel and visual dashboard.

Create a Dashboard with every report…

The Advanced Report Writer is even more capable.  Edit existing standard reports like this one (Service Fee Analysis) or create your own.

This Service Fee Analysis even allows you to drill down to details directly from within the report preview!

Service Fee Analysis even allows you to drill down to details directly from within the report preview.