• Greg Trees

    Kansas City, MO

  • Amy Beamer

    Amy Beamer

    Harrisonburg, PA

    Our team at Pavone really loves the multiple window functionality of Blue Advantage. It keeps the browser free of clutter and one simple tab can simultaneously house employee task lists, the job jacket and the schedule. We depend on Advantage to help run our agency.
  • Mark Newsome

    Mark Newsome

    South Carolina & Orlando

    Migrating to a new agency-management software is always challenging; but the experts at Advantage provide world-class expertise and rapid-fire responsiveness to make the transition as painless as possible, minimizing downtime and assuring the promised objectives are quickly realized.
  • Louis Bergmann

    Dallas/Fort. Worth, TX

  • Cathy Metzier

    Cathy Metzier

    Chicago & San Diego

    When I think of Advantage, I think knowledgeable, incorporates user experiences, focused on the future, and fun! We converted to Advantage almost 10 years ago and the system has easily grown with us. We’re impressed with the knowledge of everyone in all positions. Their focus is targeted to the future, so their applications work well as technology changes.
  • Judy Allison

    Judy Allison

    Charlotte, NC

    We’ve been a client since 2004. Their software updates have proven their forward-thinking approach in keeping up with the current trends. The creation of Webvantage is a prime example of this thinking. Our people can now do everything they need to do on-the-go.  All of Advantage’s people are very knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Steve Oritz

    Steve Oritz

    Los Angeles

    Since teaming with Advantage Software in 2009, Trailer Park has enjoyed one comprehensive integrated financial system—streamlining workflow internally and with clients and vendors.  Advantage Software has tailored their system to optimally meet our unique requirements in both the entertainment and brand space.
  • Kelly Regenold

    Kelly Regenold

    Des Moines, IA

    At Strategic America, we know we can always count on the stability of Advantage’s products and the strength of their support team. We believe in Advantage Software and it is an integral part of our business operations.
  • Steve Orenstein

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Mary Ann Wilson

    Mary Ann Wilson

    Baltimore, MD

    It is refreshing to partner with a software company that listens and is constantly looking for better ways to help us manage our business.  The addition of the advanced report writer, risk analysis and web-based software are just a few examples of their commitment to their customers. Their knowledgeable and friendly support team is also a huge benefit.
  • Kim Weprin

    Kim Weprin

    Wichita, KS

    Your training and implementation team came to our agency and made four days of training painless!  The Advantage team was excellent at keeping focus, and kept our employees engaged! Your team stayed late, came in early, worked part of a Sunday, all in an effort to make sure we were comfortable. This was the smoothest software transition I’ve even been part of.
  • Heather Zimmer

    Regina, SASK

  • Penny Hatchell

    Penny Hatchell

    Omaha, NE

    I had a meeting with my IT company and they told me about Advantage having the best customer service and technical support around. They said in working with some of the largest corporations in the tech world, Advantage is leaps and bounds ahead of them.  We always hear what went wrong, but it’s rare that we hear the good stuff.  And I agree that you have a top notch group of people at Advantage Software!
  • Brian C. Soloski

    Brian C. Soloski

    Cleveland, OH

    Since I attended mostly the IT presentations at the user group meeting, this is my first demo on the new report writers. I do have to say that your implementation of the dynamic report writers is by far the best report writer I have seen anywhere in my 30 years in IT and Agencies!  Congratulations and Thanks. It will be a very useful tool.
  • Glenn Towle

    Glenn Towle

    Washington, D.C.

    Perhaps the most compelling element of the Advantage experience is the constant updating, improving, and expansion of the program. Based in no small part on feedback from their vibrant User’s Group, the remarkably stable staff at Advantage listen well and evolve their product to expand capabilities and reporting, and to incorporate new technology.
  • Erin Sutter

    North America