The Facility

The Advantage University Training Center in Mooresville allows you to train in a focused environment completely dedicated to your training success. Successful sports teams hold training camps that allow the pro athletes to stay totally focused while they hone their skills. Our Training Center experience can give your team the same skill-honing focus to take it to the next level and give you the winning edge.

With its own dedicated kitchen and café/lounge area. The training room is equipped with HD projector, Dell workstations, and wide-screen flat panel monitors for each student.

The Trainers

Our Trainers are certified in Advantage Software in all topics they teach and are some of the best and brightest we have. They have past training experience on our software, both on-site at agencies and over the Internet.

The Courses

Courses have been developed and optimized by both of our Directors of Client Services in the Accounting/Media discipline and Project Management discipline to give you the most return for your training time and money.